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Step by step guide to making your cushions for outdoor furniture

Your outdoor furniture often has to withstand harsh weather conditions. The chairs, tables and even the cushions should be sturdy enough to bear even heavy rainfalls and intense sunlight.

If you consider the chairs for your outdoor furniture, all of them will have cushions. If you don’t already have cushions, or if you want to replace your old ones, then there are many ways to go about designing cushions for outdoor furniture.

If you are of the “Do it yourself” kind, then designing cushions for outdoor furniture is one of the simplest task you can accomplish without putting in any extra efforts. It is pretty easy to go about doing the right cushioning for your furniture with your own hands.

Of course the first step in this procedure will be to measure the chairs you want to sew the cushion for properly. Consider all the nuances that go into measuring the right size.

You would then want to consider the thickness of your cushion. The right amount of thickness will be dependent on the amount of comfort you aim for.

Of course then you would need to choose the fabric for your cushion. Outdoor fabrics need to be stronger and thicker than ordinary cloth as it needs to withstand outdoor conditions. Then you can move on to buying the right kind of foam for your cushions as well.

After which you can cut the foam according to the size that you have measured. Then you can move on to cutting the fabric in the appropriate length. And then finally sew all the pieces together.