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Best Living Room Rug Ideas – Living Room Area Rug Design Ideas

Hardwood floors, while beautiful, aren’t exactly warm and comfortable. Although you could lay out a large area rug, the effect is limited. Instead, isn’t it time to think about a rug design? Placing a rug in your living room creates a soft surface for walking, sitting and relaxing.

These living room rug ideas will help you figure out what color rug is perfect for your living room. Maybe you want to stick with a safe neutral, or maybe you prefer a modern gray or a bold blue. You could also be brave enough to choose white for your carpet.

1. Living room rug ideas with calm blue tones

Are you ready to make a bold statement with your living room? Then choose a blue carpet. You will find several options in bright colors that are perfect for giving your living room a unique look. Try a dark blue or royal blue rug paired with light cream or white furniture.

Light blue, teal or turquoise carpets can also look beautiful in your living room. These colors go well with several other colors. Here’s how to decorate and redesign your living room over the years. You can also adapt the blue carpet to your interior style.

Blue living room fireplace
blue sofa in the living room

2. Warm and pleasant brown tones

Brown is often forgotten when it comes to living room flooring ideas. It’s dark and lacks the pizzazz that other trendier colors have. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider using brown for your living room rug.

Choose a rich chocolate brown. Then combine it with brighter and bright colors in the rest of the room. This will prevent your living room from looking too dark and dingy. Don’t be afraid to pair your brown rug with brass, copper, and gold accents. You can also make black and brown look good together.

Luxurious Sputnik chandelier for the living room
Gray country style sofa
Small living room with brown carpet and wall-mounted television
Blue wall, living room, gray sofa

3. Explore a spectrum of colors

Just like color choice, the color you choose for your rug can make or break your living room. Unlike an oriental rug with lots of colors, your rug will more closely resemble a modern rug with minimal coloring.

This gives you more options when choosing your living room decor because you don’t have to rely on picking accent colors from the carpet.

A bold color can make a statement, but what happens when you tire of that statement? Neutral colors appear broader and are easier to combine. However, neutral tones can be viewed as boring.

Bright living room with gray sofa and curtains
Modern brown floor carpet for the living room of the apartment
White luxury living room fireplace and two sofas
Blue accent wall, living room, gray sofa

4. Elegance in gray

Modern interior design trends have adopted the color gray for everything, so it should come as no surprise that this color has found its way onto carpet.

Cover your living room floor with a gray rug to give it a modern feel. If you also have a gray sofa, it should be a different shade of gray so that the room does not look boring.

Stick with a soft, high-pile carpet. Berber and short-pile carpets can look industrial. You don’t want your carpet to look and feel like you’re in the office.

You can also choose lighter shades of gray, which would be avoided in office situations. The light gray can mimic white while being easier to maintain than pure white.

large luxury curved gray living room sofa
Rustic gray living room sofa
Modern, gray L-shaped living room sofa
White country house living room, gray sofa, glass table top
Blue accent wall, living room, white fireplace, gray sofa
gray sofa small living room
small living room, gray sofa, wall-mounted TV
Luxury modern living room with gray sofa and gold floor lamp
Gray sofa, luxury living room, framed wall posters
Large living room with gray sofa
Apartment living room sofa box with records
Luxury living room, marble wall, gray sofa, black accent chair

5. Subtle natural beauty

When you enter a modern Bauhaus, you will see beige walls and beige carpets in the dining room, family room, and bedrooms.

There is a strategic reason for this. Neutral colors have broad appeal and make homes easier to sell. Consider this tactic if you plan to sell your home soon.

If you’re worried that your beige, brown, or cream rug will add to the simplicity, spice up the living room with pops of color. You could arrange cushions in bright colors on your sofa. Or hang colorful art on the walls.

Neutral large fireplace in the living room
small boho living room hanging seat neutral sofa

6. Enjoy rustic charm

Carpet and the rustic look don’t usually go together. You are more likely to see a wooden floor with a jute rug spread on it. You can recreate this look by choosing a traditional rug and layering it over your neutral rug.

This fits well with modern rug trends that recommend the placement of multiple rugs in a single room. To try this living room idea in your home, start with a neutral living room rug.

Then place a large rectangular or square rug so that it covers most of the floor. A smaller round rug above fits under your coffee table to complete the layered look.

Colorful glass L-shaped living room sofa table
Rustic boho living room with brown leather sofa plants
Small rustic living couch, large round wall mirror
Milesquare design/Instagram

7. Timeless elegance of white

An all-white living room requires a white carpet. If you don’t have children or pets, you might consider this carpet color. However, be very careful if you choose pure white. It will be difficult to maintain and keep clean.

If you’re not ready to cover your floor with a wall-to-wall white rug, consider a white rug.

This will help you maintain the look and feel of the carpet on your hardwood floor. You also have the option to pick it up and clean it or replace it if necessary.

Choosing white gives you more freedom when choosing your furniture. The clean combination of a white rug and your hardwood floor creates a neutral base and a balance of light and dark that allows for bolder interior design with your furniture and decor.

White living room, white sofas and floor carpet
White living room, gray L-shaped sofa
Vintage living room floor carpet with white fireplace and gray sofa
Foyer with gray sofa and white chairs
Rustic living room, white cupboard, Chanel wall posters, gold floor lamp
Rustic white L-shaped living room sofa
Green textured wall accent, blue chairs, glass table