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6 ways to make the most of your studio apartment

Whether you’ve just moved to one Big city like ChicagoWhen you started college or got your first job in your hometown, there is a tendency for you to refer to a small piece of space as home – a studio apartment. You don’t need a huge apartment if this sanctuary is just enough for you and you are just beginning your newfound freedom and independence. But over time you will ask for more space.

Moving is no longer practical; It takes money, time, and effort. So why not just sit a little more in your nest and make the most of it? You may want more space for all of your growing household items, but your current space with a little creativity can get you through.

Search for storage space

You don’t have enough space, but still need storage space. What now? Being creative can help you with that. The storage takes place not only from the closet, but also from the right organization and creative thinking.

Organize your items so that they have a clean, uncluttered space. This gives you an overview of the overall view of your studio apartment. You can easily see if there is space between the furnishings and furniture you are using.

Consider open storage. You store things in the open warehouse and put them on the shelves provided, but they are still exposed. They won’t look like a mess since you got them organized. Your kitchen area is the best place to put this into practice. Bread baskets can be more than just a place for bread, but also for fruit and other storable foods. This is not only for practicality, but also for style.

Let there be light

If your apartment has a wide window, you are blessed. You should use this natural light. Natural light can illuminate a room and make it appear spacious, open and airy. Make sure you have lights on the corners of your apartment so you don’t feel cramped at night.

mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors can expand your spaceat least mentally. It has a doubling effect due to its reflective surface. Your mirror should be strategically placed somewhere in your home where it can reflect natural light. This will make your room brighter and brighter.

Curtain separation

There are not many walls in a studio apartment, if any. Curtains can serve as the ultimate partition or partition. You can not only define the areas in your room such as bedroom, kitchen or living room, but also the right privacy.

Curtains can be used not only as a separator, but also because of their aesthetic effect. With its color, design and texture, it can add drama to your space.

Add plants

Plants won’t make your room bigger, wider, and more spacious, but it will make it livelier. Among all the possessions you have, greenery can help break up the cold, dull feel of your space. Aside from easing the mood in your home, it can also act as an air purifier by filtering out toxins remaining in the air.

Vertical space

Don’t forget that you can still go upstairs as your studio apartment limits you horizontally. The vertical space available in all four walls can be used for anything you can imagine, be it storage, display, closet or work area. Remember, every inch counts.