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Which garage door should you buy?

When it comes to improving the look of a house, the garage door is the starting point. The flat, wide surface is like a canvas in front of a house, which shows the individual flair and style of a house owner.

Or at least it can be. Many homeowners overlook the effect of the garage door on the attractiveness of their home and choose something that is less meaningful instead.

But you can be different! The style of a garage door coupled with its ability to add value to a home makes it the perfect outdoor project to invest in.

With all the options, however, it can feel overwhelming. Where should you start your journey to upgrade your home?

There are many different directions you can go, but deciding on the material of your door is often the first step. Whatever you choose should be durable, easy to care for and work in the climate you live in.

Garage doors actually only consist of seven different materials: steel, aluminum, fiberglass, glass, wood, wood composite and vinyl or a combination of different types of materials.

Steel and aluminum are rustproof and robust, but prone to dents. They can also be painted, which is a plus and is considered the most durable. In addition, steel is the most wind resistant, making it preferable in areas hit by hurricanes. In coastal communities, however, it can easily corrode through salt in the air. However, aluminum is resistant to corrosion.

Fiberglass works well in both hot and cold climates and is often used on the front of doors to mimic the look of something else. This is called a wood composite.

For example, if someone wants to have the appearance of wooden doors, they can opt for fiberglass, because it doesn’t splinter or tear like wood. It is also lighter, less maintenance, more moisture resistant and well insulated. It also has a longer lifespan than others and saves on heating / cooling costs as it maintains a constant temperature in your garage.

Glass, on the other hand, is not insulated and can be extremely heavy and fragile. For this reason, some doors replace glass with polycarbonate sheets, which reduces weight.

Wood is beautiful, but so heavy that it is generally reserved for the manufacture of car doors that swing outwards. However, it is a natural insulator and acts as a barrier to wind and burglars. It is highly customizable, but the most expensive option.

Vinyl doors are easy to care for and dent-proof. They are often highly efficiently insulated and therefore well suited for cold climates. However, they cannot be painted because the vinyl is tinted during the manufacturing process.

The next factor to consider is how you want to use the door and how it should open. The six most common forms are cuts, rolling up, sliding to the side, articulated to the side, folding top and retractable folding.

The garage door is the most popular in the United States. It contains paneled sections with hinges that roll parallel to the ceiling. Roll-up is generally used for commercial purposes and is similar to what you would see with a storage device.

Garage doors sliding aside, on the other hand, move horizontally along the wall instead of sticking to the ceiling. They are not that common, but they work well for certain houses.

Side-hinged garage doors are identical to car doors in that they swing out. However, a folding roof does not bend at all and instead swings forward before being placed flat in a garage parallel to the ceiling. The fold-up retractable vehicle is similar in that it lifts up into the garage without sticking out in front of the house, but it bends in a different way.

Each of these materials and door styles has its own charm, but only you can choose the one that is right for you.

A Installation of garage doors in residential areas doesn’t have to be trouble. Use your home’s canvas to create something beautiful. The satisfaction you get from designing your own artwork is well worth the time invested.