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Understanding couch tables

When I first heard this name, I was quite confused as I thought it was a couch and a table combined. I later came to know that this is not the case as a couch table is a table that’s meant to stay with your sofa and help save space in your house. If you were like me and don’t understand what this furniture is exactly. Allow me to explain why you should get one.

Why you should get one

A couch table is sometimes known as a sofa table. It’s basically a table that is made taller than many end tables such as coffee tables. The table is normally placed behind the couch and is meant to serve a number of purposes to the user. The table is mostly used to hold things and is made to hold quite a number of things.

Many users don’t consider the table in their design plan, but it can definitely help accentuate the room when needed. You could add some lamps together with a centre piece to highlight the room. You could also use it to save space as they have a bigger area on top, so you can place a number of things such as lamps or even your scrapbook. Now that you understand this table, there are some things you need to consider before purchasing it.

Some considerations to make

The first consideration that you should make is the scale of the table. You don’t want the table to span the entire length of the couch nor do you want it to be too short. The table should be half the size of the couch that it’s going to sit behind. This allows the table to complement the sofa and not become part of the sofa.

The next consideration is the height of the coffee table. The coffee table should be just about the right height. The proper height is one that’ll allow you to get things from the table while still seated on the couch without issues. The ideal height is normally 3-6 inches lower than the top of the sofa.


A couch table is a great accessory to have in your home. It could add to the style and can be great at complementing the couch making it look better.