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How to clean paint roller after painting the walls

If you want to know how to clean paint rollers you will find that it is easy to do and it will save you money at the same time. Cleaning paint rollers is different from cleaning brushed paints and also depends on the type of paint used.

If you use the right cleaner, you can use the same roller multiple times. There are several ways to clean paint rollers, depending on the color you are using.

Clean your paint rollers

Clean-Paint-Roller How to clean paint rollers after painting the walls

By cleaning paint rollers, you are always prepared for large and small painting jobs around the house. This is an inexpensive way to keep paint jobs inexpensive and always ready.

Steps to clean paint rollers

If you’re busy with a paint job and want to move on, there’s no need to clean a paint roller. In this case it can be left in the refrigerator after covering it with plastic. If you don’t want to use it soon, you need to clean it thoroughly. If you don’t, it can end up in the bi if you can’t get the rollers clean.

General preparation for cleaning your paint roller

Get ready to clean paint rollers in an area where you don’t mind messing up a bit. Remember that spraying requires a vigorous movement that goes along with properly washing a roller.

put on gloves

Gloves How to clean paint rollers after painting the walls

Use gloves when preparing to clean paint rollers. If you don’t, your hands will become stained, which will require removing paint from your hands as well. In addition, you may also need to remove paint from the handle, and you need to know how to remove the paint roller from the handle. However, you can use the same method to remove paint from brushes, handle it, and clean the paint tray.

Protect your eyes

Eye protection How to clean paint rollers after painting the walls

Remember, you are using chemicals to remove paint that can be potentially harmful, especially to your eyes. Chemicals can easily splash into your eyes, and prevention is always better than cure. You can wear eye glasses like safety glasses with plastic glasses to protect your eyes.

Prepare the area

The best way to clean paint rollers is an area that is easy to clean. You can clean it over paint pans or use an area that you can cover with plastic or newspapers before you start.

Prepare cleaning solution

There are two main colors used in painting a house, which are generally oil or water colors. There are several types within these terms, including gloss, latex and enamel.

Water-based paint solutions

Untitled-1 How to clean paint rollers after painting the walls

If you use water-based paint to paint, you don’t need any special cleaning solutions. A bucket of warm water and detergent would be enough to wash the brushes. You can use another bucket of dry, soapy water to rinse the cleaned brushes.

Solution for oil paints

White spirit How to clean paint rollers after painting the walls

The best way to clean paint rollers with oil paint is a product made from petroleum. If you clean rollers with a water-based solution, you get a sticky roller that makes cleaning even more difficult. Paint thinner, white spirit and turpentine are good products for cleaning brushes that have been used to paint everything with oil paints.

Disassemble the roller

disassemble1 How to clean paint roller after painting the walls

The roller cage and the roller cover should be cleaned separately. Wiping the roller off automatically makes cleaning easier and ensures thorough cleaning. The roller cover must be removed from the cage and is either unscrewed or pulled out of the cage.

Remove latex paint

rermove How to clean paint rollers after painting the walls

Scrape it off – There may be excess dried paint on the edges of the roller. Take the roller and hold it over a bucket or area where you are going to clean the roller and use a spatula to remove any excess paint before cleaning it any further.

Paint it – Very often, ink is still dripping from the roller. You may have an unpainted section on the wall. Otherwise, take the roller and remove the excess paint by painting over an inconspicuous area to remove the excess.

Clean the roller – Rinse it in hot water and then put the roller in a cleaning solution. If you are soaked, rub it with your gloved hands and remove the paint further. You can then use water and scrubbing until every drop of paint is removed.

Remove the oil paint

cleaning How to clean paint rollers after painting the walls

You need more patience if you want to know how to clean brushes and rollers with oil paint. You need a detergent and immerse it repeatedly. You can use more than one tray of solvent and clean them until you clean, which may require more than a tray or two of solvent for a brush.

You will also need to remove the brush and clean the parts and then let them dry. The sleeves must never be left standing, as otherwise the area touches the base plate and can no longer stand up.

Rinse and dry the roller

rinsing How to clean paint rollers after painting the walls

The roller cover must be immersed in a bowl filled with warm water if the roller cover is to be rinsed. You can then dry the cover with paper towels. The lid and the cage can be cleaned in this way.

Save your paint roller

store1 How to clean paint rollers after painting the wallsIf you let the paint roller air dry, it’s time to save it for next use. Wrap it tightly in plastic and tie it with cable ties. However, never keep it in the side as one side can become flat. The best way to keep clean reels is to hang them or keep them vertically.


  • If you want to use the roller again the next day and use the same paint type and color, wrap it in plastic and refrigerate it. The plastic bag and the cool air prevent the paint from drying out and you cannot clean the brushes.
  • Do not dry paint rollers on flat surfaces as this can prevent paint from being applied evenly.


Paint solvents are flammable and therefore cause a hazard if used in closed rooms or near flames. Make sure you are working in areas with good ventilation when using solvents.

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