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Tips for small rooms: Choosing the right blinds to make every room bigger

Modern people don’t have the luxury of living in a lawned house or a large mansion. Studio apartments are the trend in big cities and tiny residential movements are getting bigger for a sustainable life. How do you avoid feeling overwhelmed when you live in a small, cozy house? Or you love this little reading corner and want it to look just a little bigger.

There are tons of tricks you can use to create the impression of extra space. Window treatments, however, seem to be the least expensive, time-saving, and DIY-ready option. Decorating a small room with the right blinds and blinds can create an airy feeling.

Tips for choosing the right blinds for a small space

People love small spaces these days, but nobody wants to feel claustrophobic. There are many things you can try to make a room appear larger. A soft color on the walls, fabrics in a neutral color palette and downsized furniture are some of the best tricks. However, installing window treatments is easier and can be done without breaking a sweat.

Correct your strategy

No matter how light and airy the blinds are, the room won’t feel spacious if the rest of the decoration doesn’t follow.

You need to tidy up the room with one or two multifunctional pieces of furniture such as a sofa with storage space underneath or a fold-out sofa bed with a wall-mounted table and a slim chair.

LuxeDecor has a detailed article about buying a sofa: It can be your companion if you are looking for functional sofas for your small apartment.

Be smart and remove the things that are not essential. Or channel the spirit of Marie Kondo in yourself and leave everything behind that is not fun.

Keep the blinds smooth and vertical

Simple colors are ideal to make a room look spacious. Additional fabric embellishments or eye-catching designs are tempting, but create visual clutter. Choose a simple design with a flat surface.

Slatted blinds are perfect for opening a room. Install them vertically to make the space even more spacious. One from floor to ceiling Window treatment will be great in that regard. The elongated design draws the eye upwards and extends the room lengthways.

Include soft colors

Do you love fabric Would you like to decorate the windows with shutters or shutters? Choose them in light, soft shades. Even if you prefer colors over blinds, you should stick to lighter tones such as cream, white, eggshell and light gray.

Dark shades make it look more closed. Soft colors expand a place and exude a kind of serenity that calms the eye and calms the mind. Even solid wood tones in white create similar effects. The comprehensive aesthetic boost is an additional bonus.

Let there be light

The basic requirement for opening up a place is flooding with natural and artificial light. To ensure this, you should use sheer or semi-transparent blinds and roller blinds. These options Let in more sunlight and visually expand the room.

Thin white or cream-colored fabric blinds or pirouette umbrellas could be the best choice to illuminate a place. Pirouette umbrellas offer semi-transparent even when they are closed.

Some people prefer heavy and dark blinds for privacy, but these just don’t work for a small space. These screens keep the light out, which is the last thing you would want.

The last words

A small room decoration requires careful planning. So make a solid window treatment plan, keeping these tips in mind. These suggestions are enough to extend a location and make the most of a small location.