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Do you need a new armchair?  Make a statement!

Are you considering buying an armchair for this open space in your lounge? Do you need a new armchair for the small office space that you have created for yourself? Or maybe you are thinking of creating a splash of color with an armchair in your otherwise neutral room.

Whatever your reason for deciding to invest in new ones armchairThere are a few points to consider before making the final decision.

Why do you need the chair?

It is important to determine the reason for the purchase. If the armchair is intended for a specific purpose, you must ensure that it meets the requirements. A chair that looks nice may not be suitable for its intended use. And you don’t want to discover that once you’ve paid for it and removed the plastic.

  • If it is for you reading cornerYou are looking for comfort. You really don’t want to feel uncomfortable trying to relax and enjoy a good read.
  • If the armchair is to complete your small office corner, look for an armchair that offers some Lumbar support and maybe a chair with height adjustment.
  • Or is this armchair just for you to fall into after a long day? Then look for a chair with which you can stretch out and relax completely. You can even consider an armchair with a lying option.

One point you shouldn’t forget is your size. Some chairs have very low backrests. When you are tall, it can be uncomfortable when you sit back. This will put additional strain on your lower back. So look at all the technical data before buying.

Structural points to consider

Structurally, you want a chair that is sturdy. Take some time to look at the frame and test its durability.

If you want to spend a lot of time in your chair, you need to choose a chair with a comfortable seat that also offers firm support. Don’t take for granted that the seat is automatically comfortable simply because the chair looks fantastic.

Take your height into account when it comes to the back of the chair. This is the part of the chair that provides the best support for your back. People who use their armchairs for reading prefer chairs with a higher back that can provide sufficient support for your neck.

Whether or not you choose a chair with armrests largely depends on how you sit and how much support you need. Some people prefer chairs without armrests and can sit comfortably without having to rest their arms anywhere.

Time to make a statement!

The next part of the decision-making process is about your personal style. Here you ask yourself whether your chair should fit into the current furniture in the room. Before answering this question, you should take this into account. This is your chance to explore your wild side.

Your armchair does not have to match the other furniture. It doesn’t have to be a neutral color and it doesn’t have to appear hidden in the corner, even if it will end there! Think different.

When you buy lounge furniture, you are actually doing it for your intended guests. You want visitors to sit somewhere and feel comfortable. If your armchair is mainly for your use, you can pamper yourself.

Choose a funky style or even an unusual shape (just choose a shape that is still comfortable!). Maybe you want a bold color that elevates your mind and announces to the rest of the room that you are your own person with your own style. Not everyone has to like it and it doesn’t have to fit into the room. It is your statement!

Equip or not

Whether you put pillows or throws on your chair or not is entirely up to you. However, if you’re brave enough to step on the wild side with a chair of your choice, you don’t want to hide it under a beige throw!

You may need a small pillow for additional back support. If so, choose a pillow that emphasizes the color and shape of your chair.

The practical side of things

When you buy an armchair for the first time, you have to think about the size of your door and the space you have for your chair. Imagine choosing a piece and when the delivery team arrives, you find that the door is too small. Yes, believe it or not, it happens!

Make sure that your armchair fits through your door and is not too big for the space provided. If stairs or elevators have to be used, the sizes of the passages must also be taken into account.

Last thought

Regardless of whether you choose an armchair that matches the current furniture in this room or a characteristic piece that completely contradicts your usual norm, remember that comfort always exceeds style! And don’t be afraid to make a statement!