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The architecture resume that will hire you (templates included)

Do you want to create the perfect architecture resume for your new job? As an architect, you offer your customers professional service. Not only do you design attractive buildings that suit the lifestyle or commercial needs of your customers, but you also produce attractive and very safe structures.

As an architect, you advise homeowners, property developers and commercial customers and advise them on both new developments and existing building models. They take into account how your customers want to use a building and evaluate the surrounding area. You help a client formulate ideas, design those ideas, and work on a project to completion. They can advise on materials, work within budget, and give your clients estimates for the building. They can advise on schedules, draft designs, and visit construction sites.

Many architectural projects take years, so you might be working in multiple locations at the same time. This means long working hours and busy schedules.

As an architect, you want to do as much work as possible and demonstrate your skills to potential clients. They know exactly how to create an attractive resume. You may be wondering how to phrase this resume to get the most out of your skills. Let’s take a look at what should be included in an architectural resume so that you can best stand out from the competition.

Research the work process in the field of architecture

Your architectural resume should show what you have to offer as an architect. You came into the field because you have a passion for buildings and want to give your cityscape or skyline your creative touch. You are passionate about work and enjoy working on projects. Not only do you have great teamwork skills, but you can rate a location and create spaces that suit your clients’ needs. This is what you need to include in your architectural resume.

As an architect, you may be self-employed and can work flexibly. Show what you have to offer beyond the competition on your architect’s résumé. After all, you are part of an expanding profession with many job opportunitiess.

Should you prepare a resume?

Although your portfolio speaks for itself, a well-prepared architect resume will add weight to your application. It is an integral part of your job search. You can use your architectural resume to show clients your education, work experience and skills. Use your architect’s resume to put yourself in the best possible light.

What would employers want to see on an architect resume?

architecture_resume_sample_1 The architecture resume used to hire you (templates included)

When you apply for a job, your potential employers want to see your previous experience. By showing the projects you’ve worked on or the companies you’ve worked with, you show where your experience lies.

Your employer also wants to see all of the projects you worked on during your apprenticeship. This is especially important if you are new to the field. Share your responsibilities and any awards or achievements in this area.

What skills should you highlight on your architectural resume?

  • Architectural work involves collaboration. Include your ability to work in teams on your architect résumé. Include the various work steps and your way of working with the design process in your architectural resume.
  • Share how you played a role in a larger team collaboration and how you looked after junior staff.
  • Explain how you overcame complex problems, including working with legal requirements.
  • Describe your technical skills and how they play a role in working with customers and employees.
  • Share your experiences as a designer, as a manager and how you made independent decisions to lead teams.
  • Determine your ability to work with budgets, deadlines, and government regulations for great results.
  • Show your ability to consult with project managers and construction professionals to create effective plans.
  • Share your presentation skills and how this helps with marketing and design.
  • Describe your quality assurance skills and your ability to ensure a project is completed on time and to a high standard.

Tips for resuming creative architecture

Use columns to keep your architectural resume short

Andre The architecture resume you will be hired on (templates included)

Your clients look at a variety of different resumes and want your resumes to be short and clear. Keep your resume short and use columns to improve readability.

Keep your work history relevant. Let your employer know about your latest work and educational experiences. These will have the greatest impact on your current application.

Keep your biographical information concise and your headings clear so your employer can easily find and absorb relevant information. Highlight this information.

By placing headings in your first column and bullets in the wider column, your potential employer can easily find information. You will also use a lot of space.

Structure your architecture resume

Bernadette The architecture resume you will be hired with (templates included)By organizing your information into neat headings and sub-headings, your resume will appear simple and easy to digest. You stand out from the competition by offering a resume that is both visually attractive and easy to read.

Once you have the clearest, most accurate information, you need to make sure that it is easy to grasp. Keep the information concise. Your reader doesn’t want to dwell on long paragraphs.

Create bullets and clear headings, and remove any unnecessary words. Keep all relevant information together, with your most relevant work experience taking precedence.

Focus on the top half of your architectural resume

Anything impressive should be placed on the top half of your architect resume. Your future employer will focus more on the top half of your architectural resume, so this is the place for your most important information. Keep your headers small so that you have enough space.

Catch the eye with resume infographics

Infographics The Architectural Resume You Are Hiring With (Templates Included)

If you want to keep your architectural resume interesting and still professional, infographics make it unique.

If you want to use infographics on your professional architecture resume, you can create a three column, five row grid. Place your data in each section of the grid. This could be your awards, education, or any special project you’ve worked on.

You can even list your work experience in chronological order or make room for your hobbies and interests.

Reflect the corporate colors on your architecture portfolio resume

What better way to show that you fit in than by reflecting the corporate colors on your architectural resume? By mirroring the company’s font or brand, you show that you match it. They also show that you have a passion for detail and have done some research on the company.

Submit a digital architect’s resume

digital The architecture résumé you will be hired with (templates included)Printed professional architecture resumes have a traditional appeal and many companies expect you to bring a printed architecture resume with you for an interview. However, by offering something creative, you will turn out to be a lateral thinker.

If you want to show off your design skills, a digital architecture resume is a great opportunity. Customized architectural resumes help you stand out from the crowd.

Keep your architectural resume professional

professional The architecture resume you are hired with (templates included)As an architect, you want to put your creative skills to the test. You should also submit a very professional architectural resume. The balance between these two elements is crucial if you want to stand out from the crowd and still take your resume seriously.

If you keep your curriculum vitae interesting and yet reserved, a balance is struck. Let your architectural resume reflect the aesthetic balance you bring to your work while still maintaining the structure, knowledge and tradition of the subject.

Architecture resume templates

Free architect resume template

chris The architecture résumé you are hired with (templates included)

Are you looking for a modern architect’s resume template that is free to download?

Discover high quality layouts and professional designs that can be easily customized to stand out from the crowd. This is perfect for those who want to send a highly professional architectural resume.

William Evenson – Architect Designer Resume Template

william The architectural resume you will be hired with (templates included)

This highly professional architectural resume template doesn’t look good in digital or printed format.

Associate architect template

Untitled-1 The architecture resume you will be hired with (templates included)

Template for architects

archi The architecture curriculum vitae with which you are hired (templates included)

Example of a curriculum vitae with landscape architecture

Example-landscape-architecture-resume-1 The architecture resume you will be hired with (templates included)

Curriculum vitae of an architecture student as PDF

Architecture Student Resume The Architecture Resume you will be hired with (templates included)

Resumption of corporate architecture

Enterprise-Architecture-Resume-1 The architecture resume you are hired with (templates included)

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