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Industrial Living Room Ideas for a Chic Urban Makeover

All the time spent cooped up at home shows that we have become professionals in several areas of life. Interior design is no exception. In order to make the interior more pleasant, we are increasingly setting out to question trends. This is how you find a clever and successful solution to give your home character. What we propose here is a mix of styles. So if you feel like decorating adventures, we invite you to check together how to create a cozy industrial living room decoration. A flagship solution to enjoy a welcoming and authentic atmosphere.

How is the cocooning industrial living room decoration characterized?
In short, it is a harmonious interplay of raw elements and soft accents. The aim is to create a special and at the same time inviting atmosphere that gives the room character without taking away its warmth and brightness. To know how to obtain such a representation, it is first necessary to examine the essential characteristics of each of the two styles. And then we’ll give you some tips on how you can combine them in a balanced and chic way.

Industrial style furniture: the most popular alternatives
When you think of industrial decor, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly raw wood and metal furniture. Sideboard made of wooden pallets, coffee table on wheels, metal cabinets, chest of drawers made of solid wood… And then we turn to the comfortable and timeless seats, especially the leather sofas and club chairs.

Key elements of industrial wall decoration
When it comes to wall design, red brick cladding is undoubtedly the star among traditional solutions. The concrete wall is also an essential part of the factory interior. As for fascinating objects: the gears, the metal trays, the glass mirrors, the clockwork clocks and even the visible pipes are all welcome.

Who are our allies to create a cocooning atmosphere?
In a home, it’s the small decorative details that completely change the atmosphere. To give any room a cozy touch, soft materials and neutral colors are preferred. We are mainly talking about cushions and faux fur rugs, chunky knit or crocheted throws. Accessories made from wood or plant fibers are also ideal for warming the atmosphere.

The importance of light in an industrial style living room
Light plays an essential role in interior design. To give an industrial loft a pleasant atmosphere, you also have to think about the right lighting. In fact, installing multiple light sources is a popular trick to counteract the crude design. For an elegant and soft finish, you can add some floor lamps in white or wood, for example. Another possible alternative is to hang fairy lights and decorate the room with LED candles. Another clever trick is adding mirrors to visually illuminate the room, especially when placed next to windows.

Industrial style is currently one of the leading trends in decoration. However, we see it reinterpreted and tempered by a modern, even minimalist touch. Furthermore, the factory spirit is no longer reserved only for loft spaces. It can be found in new and modern buildings and is integrated in more subtle and natural ways. Do you need information? Let’s analyze contemporary design together in the following photo. We can see the characteristic features of the industrial style, especially the walls and ceiling with a waxed concrete effect. There are still the black accents and the metal roofs. The modern selection of furniture in light tones and the rose gold column provide a fresh, elegant and cozy touch.