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How to plan a beautiful garden around existing trees

When it comes to garden design, we are not always presented with a square blank canvas. In contrast to a whitewashed room, all gardens are different. Not only do they have to deal with shape, climate, weather, and areas with light and shadow, but they may also have to deal with existing trees. There are two ways to do this. First, you could just have the trees removed, although this would be a deep shame. Second, you could bypass the design gift that nature gave you and create a nice space.

Take care of the trees

If you have moved to a new home or are just starting out Design your outdoor spaceThen you should first have larger existing trees checked out to ensure that the roots do not cause problems for your home. Industry experts from a professional Tree care in Portland recommend pruning dangers to ensure the safety of your trees. You should then consider thinning out the branches so that more light falls into the rest of your garden. If you want to encourage growth at the top of the trees, you can raise them by removing the lower branches. If your garden is in a built-up area or you want to limit tree growth, you can pollute your trees – this is the removal of new growth.

Plants under trees

Trees offer much needed Shadows in a gardenas well as protection for wildlife and birds. Under your trees, you may not be able to plant some of the colorful, sun-loving flowers and shrubs that you want. However, there are many varieties that thrive in the shade and add beauty to your outdoor space. Create a forest oasis in your garden using varieties like hosta, Japanese forest grass and coral bells, as well as a variety of ferns. However, make sure you don’t put too many plants in the ground as you don’t want to affect the health of the tree.

Edge your trees

The ground under and around your trees may be too poor or compacted for plants. You can still use edge techniques to create a nice design feature. Get creative with pebble patterns or create a wide sandstone rim fill with colored gravel. However, make sure to fully line the area before laying down the gravel so that unwanted weeds do not grow through the stones. You don’t have to worry about limiting the amount of water your tree receives. Tree roots often extend much further underground than the actual height of the tree.

When designing a garden, it is always best to try to work with what nature has given you, rather than against it. Use your existing trees to create a beautiful oasis in your room that not only you but also the wildlife of your garden can enjoy.