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6 tips to keep your living room looking expensive

There are cases when you visit a large house with an expensive living room or an exquisite hotel lobby and think, “This is expensive.” Indeed, these can be expensive. But the atmosphere is worth it. Imagine walking home to a luxurious living room after a busy day. It will energize you instantly.

There are several factors that make a living room look expensive, such as interior design, space, furniture, lighting, and wall paint. Hiring an interior designer can cost a fortune, about $ 5,000 on average. And that’s without them Purchase of the materiaI needed for his or her design. Your living room can look and feel expensive without breaking the bank.

Here are some tips on how to make your living room look expensive.

Color pop

To make your living room look expensive and luxurious, you need to add a splash of color to it. Color is not expensive. A can of paint typically costs around $ 15 and the high-end price tag is $ 30. You would only need a few cans of this to color an entire room. But you don’t really have to paint all four walls of a room.

An accent wall can be anything you need to balance out the color your space needs. You have to play with the color wheel to know which color goes perfectly with the dominant color in your room. Your accent wall paint needs to pop in such a way that all attention is drawn to other things in the room.

Don’t skip the crown molding

If you notice the details in an expensive and luxurious style of architecture, art and fashion, they are usually subtle. A subtle detail that you can add to your space is molding. Crown moldings are useful for creating a connection between your walls and your ceiling. Shaping can add an expensive touch to your space.

The molding may look expensive, but it can be done inexpensively with the right DIY guidance. Just note that it’s best to install it in a large room as it will make the room feel a little crowded.

Display Art

photo-1522708323590-d24dbb6b0267 6 tips to keep your living room looking expensive

Installing or hanging art on your wall will make your room look chic, spacious, and well organized. You don’t need a nice collection of rare art. You can hang up your own painting if you are called, or just buy it an acrylic prints of an artist you like. In addition to being relatively cheaper than paintings, these works are more vibrant than them, and you can have a company print any image or image you want.

Throw a couple of pillows into the mixture

Another item that can add class to a living room is pillows. These can easily change the atmosphere of your room. It can either make the room brighter, make it spacious, or feel cozy. Throw pillows are not only colorful, but can add texture to your room too. Remember not to add too many to the room. Your guests still need a place to sit.

Add a few carpets

Carpets can be cheap, but they can turn your room into an expensive look. A rug can add color, design, and texture to a large room in your space. It can either expand or contract the space in your room depending on how you position it. Simply place your furniture on the edges or in the covered space to avoid uncomfortable gaps in between.

Give an organic feel by adding plants

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Adding a living plant to your room can really make it more attractive. It can purify the air, make the room cooler, and is a great way to create a color contrast. But not everyone has a green thumb. The solution is to look for a houseplant that doesn’t have high demands. Succulents are thickened and fleshy, almost gel-like plants that are considered hardy. You don’t need your attention to water every day, in fact if watered too often can die.