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Maintaining your outdoor kitchen

The advantage of having an outdoor kitchen door is that it may not get a lot of traffic but regardless of this aspect it is always susceptible to damage and dirt because of its exposure therefore in order to keep it look pristine, you are recommended to always consider the following tips:

In any outdoor kitchen, the grill is always considered as the most significant investment therefore you have to ensure that it is cleaned regularly. The secret to having a clean and shiny grill is to ensure that you clean it when it is still warm and then cover it afterwards.

  • Always seal the counter top of the outdoor kitchen

Most outdoor are made from granite because of their ability to withstand extreme heat but you have to ensure that they are always covered after serving their purpose to protect them from extensive light. It will last longer if you seal it with the required grade sealer after a couple of years.

  • Get rid of the grass clippings

Most outdoor kitchens have patios therefore you have to ensure that you immediately shave off any grass, moss among other unwanted plants on the patio using a leaf blower and then hose down the surface to get rid of the remaining debris.

Most outdoor kitchens have facades made from either manufactured or natural stone and the good thing about them is that they can be power washed but you have to be extra careful not to damage the stones. This exercise can be carried out at least once a year to prevent build up of grease, smoke and grass clippings.