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Tips for eliminating sugar ants in your home

Do you have a problem with sugar ants in your home? Those little insects that crawl by the hundreds at night and feed on breadcrumbs and other small foods? You can find them on countertops and on some furniture at home. Most of the time, some people rushed to the nearest drugstore without a second thought and bought an insecticide.

However, the world is turning green and everyone wants an environment without chemical influences. If you have young children or pets at home, you want to make sure that they live in a safe environment. If you are exposed to all types of chemicals, you can be sure that there is danger everywhere.

With that in mind, let’s talk about it how to get rid of sugar (tiny) ants naturally in your home with natural houses. Not only is it a safe method, it gives you the confidence that everyone is safe at home. Without further delay, let’s jump straight to the following topic.

Natural Ways To Eliminate Sugar Ants At Home

We all agree that exposure to chemicals in our homes is not ideal. Correct? Yes, but before we look at the remedies, it’s important to know what they are and what their eating habits are.

What are sugar ants?

Sugar ants are tiny black insects that occur in different regions of the world. They like to feed on sugary products such as leftovers and sweets. They also feed on fats, plant pollen, and much more. They live in colonies and carry their food to the nest to feed the queen and other ants. These live in and outside of houses.

Before you can get rid of these minor nuisances, you need to locate them and follow their trail. Finding their nest is important, which is an excellent place to start. After finding the way or driveway, decide whether you want to eliminate it using natural methods or chemicals. Here are the ways to get rid of sugar ants naturally.

Use of vinegar

Vinegar is the first method to get rid of the manifestation of sugar ants. It is safe and mild and does not affect your loved ones. The first step is to mix vinegar with water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

The advantage of vinegar is that it contains a naturally occurring compound known as acetic acid that eliminates odors on an ant trail. Therefore ants cannot find their way back to the nest. Sprinkle the solution with the spray bottle on the entry points or together with the plate. Also sprinkle wherever there is a trace.

You will eventually die and you can sweep away the dead ants. To get the most out of this method, spray during the day when the ants are active.

Use of coffee

Do you love coffee Did you know that your favorite bowl of sugar ants can wipe out your home? Ants loathe the smell of coffee. In fact, the acid will burn them up within minutes. Spread coffee around your home and wherever there are visible traces of sugar ants. You can also mix with water and spray the mixture onto the ant trail.

Use garlic or bay leaves

Fresh garlic has a strong odor that gets rid of sugar ants. The smell keeps the ants away and throws them off track. You can hang up some garlic in the house, put something on the shelves and baseboards. Bay leaves also keep sugar ants at bay. Use them on countertops and shelves.

Use a homemade repellent

You don’t have to run into stores to get the latest sugar ant killing chemical. With natural compounds, you can make an insect repellent at home.

For this solution you need lavender essential oil or peppermint. Mix either with a little water in a spray bottle. Next, spray in the kitchen and on the drawers and shelves in the pantry. Repeat this process every day.

Make a homemade sugar ant trap

That’s right, and you can lure these insects straight into their dungeon. Here you can mix honey or some syrup in a cup. There will be hundreds and the bait will attract them. As soon as they come, strike and spray with one of the natural solutions described above. Wipe the dead ants off with a damp cloth.

Use organic compounds

There are some organic products that you can buy in the closest shops. For example, orange protection is a useful killer for sugar ants but does not contain chemicals. It also has a toxic compound that ultimately keeps these ants away from your compound.

Use diatomaceous earth

You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the ant trails. It is a white powdery substance that is safe to use and non-toxic. It does not affect people or pets, but it instantly kills sugar ants. Repeat the process every day and within a month your home is free of ants.

This will prevent a constant infestation of sugar ants

Getting rid of ants either naturally or chemically may not be a permanent solution. Prevention methods prevent the consequent manifestation of ants.

Always keep countertops clean every night before going to bed. You can use a cleaner that disinfects the table tops so ants won’t find anything to eat. Second, you can use bait to attract ants and then get rid of them.

Remove the ant nests and they will stay away from your connection. You can rinse it with water or use hot water. You can also use baking soda to eliminate the entire colony. Ant nests resemble a mound of earth and are therefore easy to spot.


Sugar ants can be a nuisance when they invade your home. In order for you to be able to remove them completely, it is important that you keep your kitchen clean by wiping away any leftovers, especially sugar and breadcrumbs. Natural methods are also cheap and do not lead to chemical exposure. Your family must stay safe all the time. We hope this discussion has been fruitful and that you can now get rid of sugar ants easily.