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Tips for the operation and maintenance of a house irrigation system

Every company or homeowner believes that their irrigation system works the way it was designed without causing headaches for many years. But just like with all other devices, maintenance is always required at some point. Any effort made to maintain the good condition of your irrigation system would surely pay off in the form of even and efficient irrigation that saves water and also your savings. This article introduces some practical operating and maintenance tips that could help your irrigation system.

Some maintenance tips

  1. Always carry out a regular check

You need to examine your irrigation system closely a few times a season. The first of these checks should be done at the beginning of the season at the point where you want to activate the irrigation system. Your second review should be done at a time when half of the farming season begins. If possible, make sure you check your irrigation system monthly. Always make sure you take a close look at the controller to make sure it is well connected and working optimally. Check the time and date, make the appropriate corrections and always replace the backup battery if necessary. Also always make sure that the sensors and cables are properly connected. Also turn on each of the zones to determine if there is any system damage.

  1. Make sure the system is rinsed

Always make sure that you flush the system at the beginning of each season. In addition, the starting point of the irrigation process should be rinsed to avoid clogging. Otherwise the irrigation system will become clogged and damaged by dirt. You should also know that regular wear can clog the nozzles. In addition to the flushing system, it is important that you also install strainers on each of the sprinkler heads and take appropriate measures to improve the system filtration and replace any clogged nozzles.

  1. Always pay attention to the sprinkler heads

You must not assume that the sprinkler heads are in the ideal shape and condition and would work as such to a point of perfection. Over time, the possibility of damaging the sprinkler heads will increase. The sprinkler heads often have to endure the harmful effects of moving the ground, lawn mowers, regular wear and tear and improper installation. For proper maintenance of an irrigation system, it is important that you replace the missing or damaged heads before the irrigation process begins. It is also a wise decision to attach the sprinkler heads to a swivel tube so that they float easily in the ground and as such are less prone to damage of any kind.

  1. The little things are very important

If you want your home irrigation system to stand the test of time, you need to pay attention to the little details. Something as small as a shifted head can cause certain parts of your home to become over-watered. It is therefore instructive that you align the sprinkler heads as instructed by the manufacturer. Some of the best sprinkler heads can adjust over time. Also make sure to remove unwanted grass using installation risers or sprinkler heads.

  1. Make sure you check for spray head leaks

Over time and use, dirt and debris affect the wiper seal. As a result, leaks can occur around the spray head. In a situation where the spray head is a single unit, it is important to replace the entire head. It should also be noted that some types of spray heads can be easily removed and replaced.

You too can operate your house irrigation system

It should be noted that for an efficient irrigation process there is a great need for qualitative sprinkler system construction as well as very good skills in the field of water management and maintenance. In addition, renovation and modernization of sprinklers make a significant contribution to improving water coverage, which leads to water savings and better plant growth. The introduction of new technologies also means an improvement in the water management process. The seasonal adjustments in the controllers will also lead to an increase in water savings and an improvement in plant health.

When using your Irrigation Victoria System, you need to read the manual carefully to get a full picture of its functions. You should also know that no system is suitable for every application. The moment you decide to install an irrigation system, it is important that you know some important factors before you choose the system.

Factors to consider include availability and fuel costs, initial costs and labor, water source, and the shape and size of the field, and the crop to consider.

With water timers, you need to know that they are an important part of the irrigation system. These water systems are used to automate the irrigation system. When using the sprinkler system at home, keep in mind that this is an easy and quick way to get your garden or lawn wet. Unlike spraying, sprinklers are designed to throw off large amounts of water, thereby minimizing evaporation.


The efficient operation and maintenance of your irrigation system at home is not rocket science. With the right tips and skills, you should be able to conveniently operate your home’s irrigation system at minimal cost and maximum profitability.