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The best door styles of 2019 approved by the locksmith

When designing your home, the doors are an important feature. They not only create a transition point between rooms and the outside world, but also set the tone for your home.

When choosing design features such as doors, it is important to balance security and design. Here are some of the best locksmith approved door styles of 2019 that you will love.

Steel door with accent windows

When it comes to home security, steel doors are the number one option approved by the locksmith on the market. However, by design, they can be imposing and hideous – not the warm welcome most people try to convey.

The other challenge with steel doors is that, while they are secure, they don’t offer much visibility from the outside. Use a storm door with strategically placed accent windows to strike a balance between functionality and style. “The windows should be reinforced and placed away from the doorknob,” says the locksmith America’s Lock and Key Service Tampa, Florida“This creates space to see who is at your door without compromising your security.”

You can also get colored steel doors or repurposed doors and older doors with a fresh coat of paint for exterior paint to freshen up the look.

Wooden door with a steel core

Wooden doors give a house that designers love a beautiful, rustic look. However, many of these doors wear out over time or can easily break in if they are built with panels. For a locksmith-approved variant of the traditional wooden door, you should invest in a wooden facade with a steel core.

With these doors, a wooden shelf is installed over an inner steel door for additional security. This will help your wooden facade stand the test of time while protecting your family and belongings.

If you choose to have an all-wood front door, choose a solid door instead of multiple panels. Choose wood that is known for its strength and durability, e.g. B. mahogany. When it comes to safety, it pays to spend extra on high-quality constructions.

Meshtec screen doors

It’s hard to believe, but the majority of home invasions take place in daylight. When it comes to easy breaking and entering, criminals are more of an opportunist who doesn’t want to risk violent interaction. While night provides cover for darkness, the time of day is the time when people are more likely to be away from home.

Hence, you still need to be careful during the day, especially in the warmer months when you want to catch a breeze. Meshtec is a brand that comes highly recommended. A Meshtec screen door looks fragile, but is made of woven stainless steel. These doors are designed to resist cutting, kicking and blunt force.

If you are installing a screen door above your primary entry point or using a sliding patio door, you should invest in a Meshtec screen. This way you let the cool breeze in and keep criminals (and bugs) away.

Thermal iron doors

Iron doors are a modern twist on the traditional steel door. While these safe entry routes come at a price, they are a door recommended by the locksmith for a number of reasons. First and foremost, even the thinner iron doors are stronger than conventional steel doors. In addition, they are often reinforced at the top and bottom to improve structural integrity and to resist kicking and ramming.

After all, thermal iron doors have an insulated core that works wonders for your heating and electricity bills. Between security and isolation, these doors pay off. You can get iron doors in a variety of colors with reinforced window options for stylish, safe living.

Choosing the right door can help keep your home secure and your loved ones safe. Combine it with a home security system and a trusted locksmith on speed dial, and you can be assured that you will be supported and protected.