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Metal Awnings- A protection from extreme climates

Awnings have a vast history from the ancient times in Egypt and it was used mainly for the purpose of providing shades from heat, blistering sun and provides a good amount of protection against wind and rain. These awnings are generally attached to the building’s exteriors wall and as mentioned it used for different purpose. These days there are many other techniques but use of awnings will provide a considerable amount of protection against the extreme weathers. Another important advantage of these awnings is they help in bringing down the heat from entering the house and in turn beneficial of using lesser air conditioning.Metal Awnings  49

Awnings are generally made of different material like acrylic, vinyl, fiberglass, natural material like wood and canvas, metal and many more. When compared to all these awnings, metal awnings is the most suggested because it is known for its durability, low- maintenance, silk surface which can be painted and matched on  according to the surface of the house. But the disadvantage is metal gets rusted thus repainting is required once a while.Metal Awnings  84

Metal awnings are there in different colors one can choose as per the desire and the ones that match their houses. If one wants the awnings to stand out then they can go for a bright or contrasting colors to their house exteriors. In case you look at awnings just for the shade purpose then it is suggested to go for light colors or colors that blend with the house color. This will avoid from making the metal awnings as a focal point.Metal Awnings  75

Not all the awnings are made same; some metal awnings are used either for windows or for door which again depends from person to person.  Below are some different types of awnings; there is a deck cover shade cloths or otherwise known as sails, freestanding awnings which are retractable, drop arm awnings which are also retractable, then canopy awnings, patio cover, vertical drop awnings all these are also retractable ones.