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Ideas for storing bedrooms to optimize your space optimally

You can have a baby villa for one room and a huge walk-in closet, but it will still seem cluttered and inadequate if not properly managed.

When house prices hit the roof, you can’t get a bigger space every time you feel like you’re running out of space.

Having more possessions than space to store is a dilemma that we all face sooner or later.

We don’t have a spell for you to magically organize your room and closet as best as possible, but we do have some standout bedroom storage ideas This saves you from giving up your bedroom goals.

Whether it’s a small bedroom or a big one, we could all use a makeover right?

Bedroom storage ideas

  • Improvise
  • The more visible the better
  • Look for space in funky places
  • You can consider “no closet” solutions
  • Use free space available
  • Be very wise when buying furniture
  • Storage ideas for small spaces under the stairs
  • Fill this suitcase
  • Hang things on the wall
  • Look for voids
  • Fold-ins are your best friend

Let’s take a closer look at them now.


House-on-Newcastle-by-Gary-Quigg-Photography-2 storage ideas for 2 bedrooms to optimize your spaceImage source: Gary Quigg photography

Don’t be afraid to use things that are traditionally not considered “furniture” in your bedroom. Use a branch as a rack for clothes if it tweaks yours Storage space.

Use anything you think would work. The world is your oyster. There are no rules for organizing your room or closet.

The more visible the better

Storage ideas for bedrooms in Castlecrag-Residence-by-Woods-Warner for optimal optimization of your spaceImage source: Woods & Warner

The best way to keep your bedroom closet organized is to put everything on display. If possible, invest in a cheap clothes rack.

Having your clothes on display will make it easier for you to see which items you are no longer wearing and to throw them away rather than making them precious Storage space unnecessarily.

Look for space in funky places

The home of Tessa-Martin-by-Holly-Marder storage ideas for bedrooms to optimize your space optimallyImage source: Holly marten

There is no need to keep clothes and other items just in your closet. Use space wherever you see it.

For example, you can easily store heavy sweaters and large volume winter clothes by placing them in a box and tucking them under your bed. Get creative and in time you will no longer be stressed how to organize a small bedroom.

You can consider “No Closet” solutions

Master-Bedroom-by-Penelope-Allen-Design Bedroom storage ideas to optimize your spaceImage source: Penelope Allen design

Who says that a room must have a closet or that clothes only belong in one closet. Why not think about that? open closet idea?

Use your clothes as part of your bedroom decor and let these beautiful pieces improve your bedroom aesthetics.

Cape Cod by Smith Brothers 1 bedroom storage ideas to make the most of your spaceImage source: Smith Brothers

Remember to get a standing rail and hang all of your clothes on it with hangers. This makes a great moveable closet that you can put in any corner of your room without taking up unnecessary space for doors and handles.

Not to mention, they are very easy to organize and keep clean since they are in front of your eyes all the time

Use free available space

Waterside-Home-by-Woodford-architecture-and-interior storage ideas for bedrooms to optimize your spaceImage source: Woodford architecture and interior

Even in a small bedroom that we often overlook, there is often a lot of empty, unused space. For example the length of the walls in your room. Walls can be used for much more than just hanging posters and pictures.

You can use all of the space between the ceiling and the floor by simply adding shelves. They serve as a great way to display your books, makeup products, and other miscellaneous items.

Similarly, you can use your cooler as a layered shelf. You can use it to dry clothes and store small items that you won’t hang up or fit in your closet.

Be very wise when buying furniture

Master-Bedroom-of-De-Meza Architecture Ideas for keeping bedrooms to optimize your spaceImage source: De Meza + architecture

If you’re moving to a new place that hasn’t been furnished, this is a great opportunity to implement all kinds of Storage solutions for small bedrooms.

The most important item in a bedroom is a bed and they usually take up a lot of space. However, you can use this to your advantage by purchasing a bed with built-in storage space.

Transitional-Bedroom-by-Allandnxthing Storage ideas for bedrooms to optimize your space
Image source: Allandnxthing

There are many options with beds with hidden compartments under the mattress or drawers on the sides, which are excellent tools for maximum space-saving bedroom.

They are also great for storing things you don’t need every day. You can put a lock on it and it acts as a safe to store valuable items or extra money that you don’t want anyone to find. The possibilities are endless indeed.

Storage ideas for small spaces under the stairs

Walnut stairs with storage solutions from Hiltongrove Bedroom storage ideas to make the most of your spaceImage source: Hiltongrove

In bedrooms with stairs, the space under the stairs is often unused. It’s not big enough to fit in a closet of any sort, and since the room is a different size in each case, it’s difficult to find furniture that would fit there.

Here, however, shelves come to the rescue. They are easy to install and come in many sizes. You can use the entire room down to the smallest corners and edges. The Storage ideas Because rooms under the stairs are easy to implement as long as you are ready to get creative.

Fill this suitcase

Bedroom storage ideas at Waverley-by-Sealy-Design-Inc to make the most of your spaceImage source: Sealy Design Inc / a>

If you have empty or only one suitcase, don’t just leave it empty. Suitcases can store a lot of things, and if you leave them empty you’ll waste valuable storage space.

You can use old suitcases to store clothes that you don’t wear that often to save Storage space, old notebooks that you keep for reminders, blankets, extra towels and sheets, etc.

If you have more than one suitcase, you can stack one on top of the other and turn it into a vintage bedside table.

Hang things on the wall

Crown-Monet-Model-by-MI-Homes bedroom storage ideas to make the most of your spaceImage source: M / I houses

While thinking Storage ideas, We often overlook the one in front of us: the walls. With just a few cheap metal hooks to find everywhere, you can turn your room design to your advantage.

Install metal hooks anywhere on the wall that there is free space and hang things from them. You can hang up your bags, yoga mats, hats, clothes and anything you want.

Tailor-made bedroom-walk-in wardrobe-by-conquest-fine-tailor-made furniture storage ideas for bedrooms to optimize your space optimallyImage source: Conquering fine bespoke furniture

However, when buying hooks, try to buy the ones that you can stick on your wall rather than having to drill them in as you may run into problems with landlords when renting the property.

Look for voids

25000-SF-Luxury-Platinum-Homes-by-Mark-Molthan bedroom storage ideas to optimize your spaceImage source: Platinum houses by Mark Molthan

If you have a hollow stool or chest of drawers in your room, use them up. Use it to hide your trash can, store small things like a jewelry box or even small books that would fit in there. When looking for Storage solutions Never assume that there is only one purpose in a thing.

To be a super space saver (yes, you are a superhero) you need to let go of the precautionary notion that things belong in a certain place. Everything belongs wherever it can fit.

Fold-ins are your best friend

Sellwood-Library-House-by-The-Works Bedroom Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your SpaceImage source: The works

Do you occasionally need a chair in your room but have no space for one? Get a folding chair.

Do you need a desk to work but don’t have space for it? Get a folding desk.

Do you need a table but don’t have space for it? Get a folding table.

Foldable take up practically no space when folded. You can easily stack them on top of each other and store them under or behind the bed. Especially if these are things you don’t use every day.

Bedroom-by-DJB-Photography bedroom storage ideas to optimize your spaceImage source: designer name

As living spaces get smaller over time, there are some nice options on the market. They are super practical and save you the mental stress of needing things but not having the space to keep them.

Storage ideas for even a small bedroom are endless and fun to discover. Remember, if something seems stupid, but it works, it is not stupid. So don’t hold back and unleash your creativity.

Look for ideas, draw plans, get ready and in no time you’ll be enjoying the process of Organization of a small bedroom.

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