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The best wallpaper removal options you can use

Wallpaper is one of the most common ways to decorate the walls of a house. This includes many patterns with which we can save an expensive paint job. The problem occurs when we have to replace it for some reason. To remove all the paper from the wall, we need to use the appropriate wallpaper removal tool. Otherwise it will be difficult.

We can’t just insert a new background image over the old one, so we have to remove it. The good thing is that with all the facilities that exist today, you don’t have to hire a specialist to do this. You can do this in just one day.

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The only thing we have to keep in mind is that depending on the type of paper, we may need to use a certain method to avoid damaging the wall. However, we will explain this below.

Be aware of what you will remove

All remodeling work should start with some studies. If you don’t know what you’re going to do, this simple task will be very difficult.

If we don’t install removable wallpaper in our case, we have to struggle to remove the one we have, as the adhesive can be very aggressive on the wall. Not all wallpaper removal tools work as desired, which makes the process difficult for us.

The first thing we should know is which glue is used to glue the wallpaper and what we can do with it. This was developed to be used on plaster walls. Its composition is based on wheat, so it is not toxic to humans.

However, this can also be used for other walls, e.g. B. for drywall. Therefore, we need to know the properties of our wall, such as the construction time or the materials used, to determine which tool is best suited to avoid damage.

Plaster walls

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These were originally intended for wallpaper, so it is common for houses to be upholstered with these walls. These are constructions from more than 50 years ago, and their assembly process consisted of wooden frames with wooden bands in the middle, creating a large net that was later covered with two or three layers of plaster.

These walls are easy to spot because they are very solid. When you touch it, a dry sound is generated.


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These have been a standard in households for 50 years and make the manufacture of houses considerably easier. The walls of Drywall are also mounted on a wooden frame, but not filled with plaster, but nailed with plates made of a chalk-like substance that is coated with cardboard.

Since they are not filled, you can hear a hollow sound when touched. You have to be very careful with these types of walls, as they are more sensitive and a wallpaper scraper could break the box.

Simple methods for removing background images

With liquid remover

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Perhaps the easiest option is to use a liquid remover. These remove the adhesive, making it easier to remove the paper. It also serves to remove waste once we have cleaned everything. As already mentioned, the process is simple. The first thing to do is prepare yourself with basic safety equipment (rubber gloves and glasses) as these solvents are dangerous.

Now we mix the chemical with some warm water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To attach it to the wall, we need to pour the mixture into a sprayer.

A section of the wall is sprayed with the prepared mixture as follows. If your wallpaper does not let the liquid penetrate, you should make some stripes where it can pass. Let the mixture rest for a while.

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Finally, the wallpaper in the area you sprayed should be easy to remove. Try using a palette or razor to peel off the paper. You have to repeat this process for each section.

A homemade solution, which may not be useful in all cases, is to make your own abrasive based on lemon juice, white vinegar, and water. The mixture only requires two cups of water, two cups of vinegar and a third cup of lemon juice. The result will be pretty acidic, as you can imagine.

Although it doesn’t seem that way, we can also try removing the paper with a fabric softener. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to mix it with detergent.

Remove the wallpaper with steam

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Another way to simultaneously moisten and heat the paper to remove it is to use an evaporator. This way, even the strongest adhesives can be removed. The advantage of this method is that no dangerous chemical has to be used. Therefore, it is not only careful with the temperature of the evaporator, but also pretty safe.

In addition to the vaporizer, you will need a paper scraper and a compartment to place the vaporizer when you are not using it. As an additional measure to avoid high temperatures, it is recommended to wear long-sleeved shirts and gloves.

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As with the previous method, our drywall wall is best not to overdo it with steam as water can eventually damage the cardboard cover. When we stand in front of a waterproof paper, scratch some holes again so that steam can penetrate.

In contrast to solvents, you have to remove glue residues with water. Since this process dampens the walls heavily, it is best to wait a few days before applying or painting a new wallpaper.

Basic tools for removing background images

Regardless of the method by which we remove our wallpaper, certain wallpaper removal tools are essential and should be in place before starting this project.

Razor scraper

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This wallpaper removal tool is important to remove the paper once the thickness of the adhesive has been removed or softened. Although it looks like an ordinary spatula, the truth is that it has a special blade that we can always use to keep it sharp. It is a bad idea to use a drywall knife or something similar as we damage the wall instead of removing the wallpaper.

Puncture tools

As already mentioned, our wallpaper is sometimes waterproof and does not allow liquids to penetrate, making it impossible to remove the adhesive. To solve this, we need a special tool with which we can quickly pierce small holes. As with the spatula, you should be careful with the sharp tools, otherwise you could drill the drywall.

spray bottle

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This is important if we want to use chemical solvent methods. The spray we use should only produce a few splashes. The finer the spray, the better. As with all jobs where we apply liquids, you need sponges and towels to clean in the end.

Some final tips on how to remove wallpaper effectively

Ok, we admit that at first we said that removing wallpaper isn’t as problematic as it seems, but in part we said it so that you didn’t have a negative mind and didn’t try to do it at all. The process is actually slow, but only in this way can we do it well and without compromise on our walls.

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If you want to prepare for the implementation of this project, you need to be prepared for everything you need before you start to save time. We have a few more tips that will help you make the remodeling work more efficient, but don’t expect it to necessarily be more fun.

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The first is a general piece of advice that can also be used when painting: you need to cover every socket and switch in the room to avoid accidentally splashing. It is best to use masonry or painter’s tape, which is not as strong and can be easily removed in the end. If you don’t have this, try sticking the tape on the fabric first to remove the glue a bit.

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Another room that needs to be covered is the floor, especially at the edges where the walls intersect. We recommend the use of plastics so that the water does not get to unwanted places.

Check if your background image can be removed without tools. In some cases, e.g. B. For those coated with vinyl, we can remove the top layer to leave only the paste and part of the fragile paper.

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Have a utility knife ready to make cuts in difficult areas or sensitive areas. Try to use the scraper or spatula you use to remove the paper with an angled blade to avoid damaging the wall. Start using solvents above so the drains soften other sections.

Remember to clean the walls at the end. Preferably use a damp cloth and let the wall rest for 1 or 2 days after removing any residue before applying paint or new wallpaper

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