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Budget-Saving Garden Edging Ideas for Your Garden

A garden edging is a small detail that has a practical and aesthetic impact. Properly installed edging can prevent weeds and grass from invading your well-maintained garden. It also retains mulch and plants, resulting in a polished, finished look that can transform a disorganized jungle of plants into a space full of appeal.

But choosing the right material for your garden edging is crucial to getting the right look and making sure your landscaping project fits within your budget. To find out what you should look for when edging your garden, we spoke to garden professional Michael Clarke. Clarke has a degree in landscape architecture and horticulture from the University of California at Davis and worked as a master gardener for 15 years before founding Pulled Inc, an online platform that helps homeowners find service providers and experts in their area.

Whether you’re looking to accommodate a raised garden bed or create elegant borders for your landscaping, we’ve rounded up quality masonry options and affordable picks made from durable plastic.

Keeping lawn edges clean along planting beds, paths and driveways doesn’t have to be a time-consuming nightmare. With the right lawn edging you can improve the look of your garden by defining the boundary lines. Edging also gives garden beds a professional and polished look. Lawn edging is available in different materials and in different price ranges. Flexible steel edges (shown here) score points as a first-class treatment that is characterized by durability and good looks. It is maintenance free and you can mow over it without causing any damage.