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Design the Top of your home with latest house roof design

When building a new house or retrofitting an existing house, it is very necessary to choose the right type of roof that can sustain longer. Roofs do more than protecting the houses and its house owners from outside elements.house roof design  34

House roof can also provide additional living space as well as make the homes more energy efficient and weatherproof especially rains and snow

Designing house roof can be really difficult and choose the right one can be painstaking. Here we have gathered together top designs to style your house roofs:house roof design  10

  1. Gable Roof design: it is generally triangular in shape, a portion of a wall between the edges of intersecting roofs. It is one of the commonly used designs in the areas where the temperature is cold.
  2. Green Roof design: this is a design wherein partially or completely covered in vegetation and plants. It also has additional layers for drainage and irrigation systems. It is also called as cool roof as it is eco friendly to the environment as well as to the occupants of the house
  3. Hip Roof Design: This is a type of design where all sides slope down to the wall side. It is fairly gentle slope design. However, hip roofs are more difficult to construct compared to gable roofs. These roof designs are common in bungalows and cottageshouse roof design  41
  4. Shed Roof Design: this design is considered as one of the cleanest and functional types of design. This roof brings in lot of light and warmth and replace the impractical attic space and gives good interior space
  5. Mansard Roof Design: this is a four side gambrel styled roof design that has two slopes on either side. This style makes the maximum use of the attic space and offers good way to add more story in the building without any issues