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Exterior house designs for an ultimate home

When you look at a good looking home, you are surely taken by surprise that how they could think of such a lovely structure for a home. Some of the exterior home designs are made in a unique way which is superb to look at. You can use up any kind of material to create a mind blowing exterior designs. Some of the exterior home designs that can take you by awe are listed as under: exterior house design ideas  52

  • The hip roof home: Many people love the slanting roof homes and it is even better if you can make a hip roof out of it. The hip roof designed home is the dusty type one and the temperature remains very normal inside that kind of a home. You can create a fireplace in there and then the interiors are done in a warm way which becomes very inviting.
  • The cap code style: In the olden days, houses were designed in such a way it can withstand the storm and the rainy weather of the locality that people lived in. The cape code houses have very minimal exterior designs and the window may be a former one in that case. These are the modest homes.

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  • Cottage style homes: These are those cozy homes which are made in smaller scales and they are pretty amazing and comfortable to stay in. The exterior can be designed with bright flowers and it might also have dormer windows in them. These are ideal for vacations.
  • Farm houses: These are those which are built on agricultural lands and the exterior is made from timber or other such expensive material. It is normally a double storied one with windows made in smaller sizes.exterior house design ideas  79

These are some of the exterior home designs which are really gorgeous to look at and even gorgeous if you can have one such home.