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Sell ??your house as soon as possible!  The 11 best home improvement for resale

If you’re trying to sell your home fast, there are some handyman You can do this to support your resale. There are projects you can do at home that are proven to produce the highest ROI.

Read on to find out the top 11 home improvement items for resale.

  1. Best DIY enthusiasts for resale: garage door replacement

Replacing your garage door costs an average of $ 3,611 with a resale value of $ 3,520. A good looking garage door is high on the list when it comes to getting cash back for a home improvement.

During this process, the old garage door is removed and replaced with a new one with galvanized high-performance steel rails. The appeal of this improvement will give you back almost every dollar you spent selling your home Real estate agent in Los Angeles excited to sell your home.

  1. Manufactured stone veneer

This costs approximately $ 8,907 with a resale value of $ 8,449. By simply replacing the vinyl siding with a stone veneer anywhere in your house, e.g. B. in your entrance area, you get a huge improvement in the attractiveness of your home. To complete this project, your existing vinyl siding will be removed and replaced with manufactured stone veneer.

This design and enhancement of cosmetic accents grab a potential buyer’s attention and allow you to get only about 95 percent of your home renovation costs back.

  1. Remodel smaller kitchens

Minor remodeling of your kitchen costs approximately $ 22,507 with a resale value of $ 18,123. While this is an investment, a functional and modern looking kitchen not only adds value to your home, but also increases the joy of entertaining friends, cooking and sharing meals with your family before your house is sold .

You should get about 80 percent of the cost of your small tag. With this conversion, devices can be replaced by more energy-efficient ones. You may want to redesign your cabinets with wood panels, replace hardwoods, put in new countertops, repaint, add new floors, or install a new faucet and sink.

  1. Deck additive

Adding a wooden deck costs an average of $ 13,333 with a resale value of $ 10,083. If you have a large yard, adding a wooden deck allows you and potential buyers to enjoy the outdoors around your home.

While the average cost of adding a 16 by 20 foot deck, including a rail and wooden posts, is about $ 13,333, it’s 75 percent of the value when you sell your home.

  1. Replace siding

If your home is old and dilapidated, this can make even the most beautiful home look tired and worn. Replacing 1,250 square feet of old gate valves typically costs more than $ 16,000, so you get about 75 percent of that investment back in resale.

  1. Replace front door

Resale will get you back about 75 percent of your investment when you replace your main door. Updating your tired door to a 20-gauge steel door with a clear, double-glazed semi-glazed panel, composite hinge, and aluminum threshold will delight potential buyers.

These doors have the same color on the front and back and are supplied from the factory.

  1. Remodel smaller bathrooms

If you make minor renovations to your bathroom, you can achieve a return of up to 102 percent on resale. Upgrades like replacing the tub, floor, sink, toilet, floor, faucets and vanity. If your old tub is too big to fix outside your door, just glaze it over to get a new finish.

You should also remove dated wall coverings and add a new coat of paint. If your walls are damaged, you can use a spray-on texture for quick coverage. You can also replace old shower doors, this gives your bathroom the illusion of space.

  1. Landscaping

You can get a hundred percent return on resale by doing some landscaping. If you’re not sure where to start, know that local garden centers usually offer free design services.

You may also want to add some color to the front of your house. To do this, use one color and plants of different heights. If your door is overwhelmed by green, take out the scissors and replace the overgrown bushes with basic pants. Try mixing heights and colors for a dramatic effect.

You want to have a charming center, e.g. B. a fountain or a walkway. This increases the value of your property considerably.

  1. External improvements

There are other exterior enhancements that you can make to your home such as: B. a fresh coat of paint for your home. To make your home more modern, you should remove old awnings from doors and windows.

You should also swap out damaged iron railings for real wooden railings as this will result in a more welcoming entrance. You can add charm to your bare porch by adding columns and / or a pergola.

  1. Loft conversion

Don’t forget your attic. If you take care of your attic, you can really get your money back on reselling. You can add loft insulation that will lower your utility bills. You should make sure that the installed foil vapor barriers face down towards the ceiling, as this prevents moisture from entering.

You can check them out US Department of Energy to see how high the insulation is for your region.

  1. Remodel basement

You might want to remodel your basement, which has an average return of 90 percent on resale. You may want to add a wet bar, entertainment area, laminate flooring, and a downlight.

You can also finish your walls. Just make sure that your drywall is half an inch away from concrete floors so they can’t absorb moisture.

The first thing you want to do when remodeling your basement is to make sure that you fix any flooding problems. Add larger gutters, French drains, or re-tilt your yard to keep the water out.

You should make sure your fixes are working before investing money or time into remodeling your basement.

If you just want to add a wet bar, you’ll need a laminate countertop, 10 foot cabinets, an under-counter refrigerator, and a stainless steel drop-in bar sink.

You can cover any concrete floor with modular sub-floors that are easy to install and make your basement floors less cold. You can also add carpet squares to completely transform your basement.

Remodel your home today

After knowing the top ten home improvement items to resell, it’s time to make these updates today. Make the improvements that are in your budget and make sense of your home. Contact us today for more real estate resources!