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The top 5 bathroom upgrades for your home

There is no secret why the kitchen is considered the heart of the house and receives the best of renovations, but the bathroom is just as important. It’s a room people use at home every day, and a poorly planned bathroom can be a daily frustration. Whether the plumbing needs renovating or an automatic soap dispenser needs to be installed, here are five bathroom upgrades that are worth seriously considering:

  1. The main bathroom

Everyone has heard of the master bedroom, but what about the master bathroom? This bathroom is attached to the master bedroom and is a private room. If a homeowner has the space and budget, a master bathroom can add significant value to the home’s resale value.

It’s not a cheap upgrade, of course, but the main bathroom can give any parent the serenity and serenity they need. Since the master bedroom is attached, the master bathroom is also extremely practical and desirable. It will add a touch of luxury to any home and will redesign one that has seen better days.

  1. New tiles

People often forget to upgrade the tiles on the floor and bathroom walls, and this can mean having to live with visually unpleasant tiles for many years. Because of this, it makes sense to transform the tiles into something more durable and more attractive.

It’s also a good idea to choose tiles that are durable and fit almost any color scheme. Bathroom floor and wall tiles are not torn out and changed too often, so it means a lot to make the right decision here. Great new tiles in these areas also give the home a resale value.

  1. Lighting upgrades

People often don’t spend enough money on good bathroom lighting, but it can really make a huge difference to the overall feel of the room.

Natural light is always preferred, but not every bathroom has access to a window. If this is the case, installing bright LED lighting in the bathroom not only saves money on electricity bills, but also bathes the bathroom in cool white light that makes the entire room look modern and hygienic.

If the budget allows, installing a toilet light is also a very practical function. It also makes it a lot easier to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  1. Separate the bathtub and the shower

Many older homes with smaller bathrooms have a bathtub and shower combination. This is a huge space saver, but it is not very attractive to buyers and can be cumbersome for the homeowner.

Spending the money to separate the shower from the bathtub is not only a great investment in the future value of the home, but it also has a positive effect on the people who live there and use it on a daily basis. This is often an expensive upgrade, not least because of the installation Work that needs to be done, but it really pays off in the end.

  1. Update the fixtures

If you don’t have the budget for some of the big renovations, it’s always a good idea to update the bathroom fixtures. For example: installing a bidet can really convey a sense of luxury. Having a rain shower is also very luxurious and very modern. and touchless faucets and an automatic soap dispenser add a certain “wow factor” that can’t be denied.

Neither of these are a huge improvement in their own right, but when combined they can add a punch to any old bathroom and make it very modern and functional.