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Video tips for lead generation for rental companies

Video marketing is about creating and publishing videos to get specific results, such as: B. lead generation. Any small business can benefit from using video marketing to generate leads, especially from service-oriented companies such as property managers. This is because videos help build more trust and brand trust, which helps you achieve more Property management leads and grow your business with less effort.

However, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to increase the chances of generating as many leads as possible through video marketing.

  1. Concentrate on your audience and their needs

Make videos for your target audience as not all companies do it right. Property managers need to think about the market they are targeting or wanting to target before they start making videos.

If you want more property owners interested in hiring you for property management services, try to build trust by sharing your knowledge of the local rental market and mention that they can get free advice from you if needed. This build trusts and offers valuable free help.

  1. Try to get video testimonials from customers that you can present

You can use video testimonials to build more trust and generate better leads because potential property owners really like to see what real people say about the company they want to do business with.

As a rule of thumb, property management company owners should use two to four testimonial videos and place their lead generation form right at the end of the video. Keep testimonial videos short and straight to the point, as people tend to watch videos these days when they’re only a few minutes long.

  1. Explain videos that describe your services and benefits

Explanatory videos can generate leads quickly, and most companies can create them. Explanatory videos are about explaining your property management services. In this case, this is relevant for the company. For example, if you are a rental company, you can create a video that explains how to do it Create a business plan for vacation rentalsStep by step as a valuable resource that positions you as a trusted authority.

People like to watch explanatory videos, but many companies don’t create them because they don’t think they’re effective. All small business owners (and property managers in particular) should create some explanatory videos. Explanatory videos can generate many leads over months and years.

  1. Try to create new video content regularly

If possible, try posting two to three videos a month. The more videos a property management company publishes on relevant rental property topics, the more views and leads they receive over time. All too often, companies post videos before giving up because they don’t get the results they want. As a rule of thumb, publishing two to three videos a month for at least three to four months should provide a solid foundation that will give you the best results and help you Convert your traffic better. Increase effectiveness by sharing your videos on your website and on all possible social media channels.

  1. Make sure you maximize your calls to action

Add a lead generation form or a call to action at the very beginning, somewhere in the middle, and at the very end. The only time that companies shouldn’t insert a form at the beginning, and in the middle are testimonial videos. If videos offer viewers multiple ways to sign up for an email list or get a magnet, they’re more inclined to do so.

If a property management company owner is serious about generating leads, they need to use videos. Finally, if you implement the five tips listed above, you will get results.