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Best practices for the security of your packages

People continue to order packages from the Internet. And now, in 2020, e-commerce in America alone is expected to reach $ 4.2 trillion in sales by the end of the year. There is no doubt that we can find many advantages when shopping online – one of the most important is time.

Unfortunately, the more packages that are delivered, the more packages are stolen every day. A package can disappear at any time of delivery: packaging, shipping worldwide or even on your doormat. And no matter who you buy your goods from, it could even be such an e-commerce giant as Amazon, but if a package reaches your porch, its security is yours.

There are quite a few Steps to take if your Amazon package is stolenHowever, to prevent this, we would like to give you some insightful tips on how to protect your package from theft.

Install a fake camera

Installing a fake camera next to your front door doesn’t cost a fortune, but it can help scare suspicious strangers. If someone thinking of taking your freshly delivered package off your porch sees that there is a camera, they can get scared and go away.

On the other hand, this may not work if a person has covered their face with a hoodie or other cover, or if the thief has not noticed the camera – then there is nothing left to deter them. And unfortunately you have no recordings of the crime.

Install a real camera

1234 Best Practices for the Security of Your Packages

Installing a real camera can help you in several ways. The first is to deter potential thieves, as explained earlier.

The second advantage is that even if the thief doesn’t notice the camera, you have the footage of the incident. Then you can either identify the person and call the police or, if he hides his face, always pay attention to the details. Note what the person was wearing, how tall they were, and the like. This could help you recognize that person in the neighborhood.

And the third benefit you can get with a real camera by your front door is preventing any kind of burglary or crime. For example, if someone tries to rob you and break into your house but sees the camera, they can withdraw. Depending on the range of the camera, you may be able to fix all possible incidents on the road.

Install a doorbell camera

Another idea for installing a real camera is to use a special camera built into your doorbell. Usually, Video doorbells Have motion sensors. Therefore, you will be notified when someone rings your doorbell. This can only be a check to see if you are at home.

You also notify the motion sensors when someone is within range of your doorbell. If it’s someone who looks suspicious and you’re sure you don’t know the person, they may be after your deliveries.

With most of these camera doorbells, you can scare the thieves off with your actual voice. But if the thief runs away, you still have the video of it and can show it to the police.

Communicate with your neighbors

12345 Best Practices for the Security of Your Packages

It is always wise to maintain a healthy relationship with your neighbors. This truth applies to many life situations. The most important thing if something happens to your house – it starts, a storm crashes the roof and so on. It is always nice to know that people in the neighborhood support each other and take care of each other.

So if you happen to have a good relationship with your neighbors and want to order frequently online, you can ask your neighbors to pick up your deliveries after they reach your front door or just have them delivered to their home.

You can also form a small union across the neighborhood, especially if you want to order all kinds of products online. Just agree to look out for each other’s deliveries and try to look out for suspicious people coming to your neighborhood.

Prevent your packages from filling up

Whichever strategy you choose to keep your parcels safe, always remember that thieves know how to tell if someone has been away for a while. For example, if delivery packages are stacked on your porch, this is a perfect signal for the thief that you haven’t been home for a while and are unlikely to come back soon.