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5 creative approaches to ceiling design

Would you like the ceiling design in one of the rooms in your house to make a stronger statement than now?

This seems to be a trend among homeowners. In 2018 Pinterest reported an increase of 300% when searching for “statement ceilings”. It seems that many people are tired of being bored with white ceilings with no distinguishing features.

There are so many options for those looking to redesign a ceiling. The key is choosing the right one based on the style of the rest of the space.

Here are five creative approaches to ceiling design that you should consider.

  1. Wooden ceiling

Many homeowners love the look of wood when they install it for flooring. Why not use wood for the ceiling design?

You can put up a very simple wooden ceiling if you want. You can also have wood laid out in almost any desired design if you want to use it on the ceiling.

Whether you go for a herringbone, honeycomb, or any other type of design, there are many different ways you can use wood as part of your ceiling design.

  1. Metal ceiling

While a wooden ceiling will make your home appear warmer, a metal ceiling can give you a more modern look. Sheet metal ceilings in particular have become popular in recent years.

Tin ceiling tiles pull up easily and will look great for years to come. You can also find modern ceiling fans that goes well with this ceiling design.

  1. Ceiling tiles

Sheet metal ceiling panels aren’t the only type of ceiling panels you can buy for your home. You can also use ceiling tiles made from many other materials to create a unique ceiling design.

From simple white ceiling tiles to ornate ceiling tiles, they add depth to your ceiling. You can also replace them over time to improve the appearance of a room.

  1. Ceiling mural

Do you love art

Well, you could go out and buy expensive works of art to hang in any room. Or you can turn your ceiling into a work of art in itself.

Find the right artist to paint a mural on one of the ceilings of your home. It will be pretty meaningful and will set the room apart from others.

  1. Glass roof

If you want to bring more natural light into your home, you can turn your entire ceiling – or at least part of it – into a glass ceiling.

A glass ceiling will flood your room with plenty of natural light. This natural light will offer you health benefits and shed some light on the rest of the beauty found in your home.

Rethink your ceiling design today

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that their ceiling must be white and flat for it to work.

Take some risk in your home by changing your ceiling design. You can redesign any room by adding the right ceiling.

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