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The importance and uses of different kinds of chairs 

History of Man and Chairs 

Chairs have been used for as long as we can imagine. Over the years, the shape has changed and several transformations have taken place, but chairs still remain a very important part of one’s life. Earlier chairs were used to show authority and were used by the people who were above the rest, but now it’s more of a common furniture used by everyone. Chairs are made in a lot of materials like metal, wood or plastic. The shape, size and other characteristics of the chairs basically depends on the purpose of the chairs.

Uses of Different Types of Chairs 

The uses of chairs are almost uncountable. They are used in offices and office chairs are designed in such a way so that the occupant remains more focused and does not tire himself while sitting on that chair for long hours. Living room chairs are very important because people relax and spend quality time with their family on it. Guests are also welcomed and treated to the comfort of these chairs. One example is recliner chairs. Dining room chairs are used for dining purposes and generally they do not have armrests on them.

There are also beach chairs which are mostly made of plastic and used for relaxing and sun bathing on a beach. Apart from all these different kinds of chairs that include standard chairs, armchairs, recliners, wingback chairs and upholstery chairs, different kinds of cushioned chairs are also used in theatre halls, airplane seats, car seats and baby seats. Cushioned chairs work as a perfect substitute for heavy sofas. These are comfortable and also easy to move because of their light weight.

Uplifting the Décor Using Different Kinds of Chairs 

Chairs, apart from being very useful are also used for uplifting the mood and décor of the place. Well designed and furnished chairs works great for the surroundings and are a treat to the other furniture. Different kinds of materials and colors make the chairs livelier. A lot of accessories can also be used such as slipcovers, stylish cushions or indoor plants as the peripherals.