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The cost of artificial turf you should know

The installation of artificial turf at home or in commercial spaces offers various advantages. When installing a question that arises, however, the question is asked how much it will cost. Once you understand it, you can know how much you can save and what the return on investment is.

To achieve at the expense of artificial turf, various elements such as material, labor, fees and company costs are included. This will help to reach the final cost. Few other things that require your decision before you get to the cost are the type of lawn you want to install. Will it be landscape turf, sports turf or pet grass? The landscaping of grass again has high, medium and small leaves. The cost of each of these products varies and therefore there are some different prices for the grass you install.

Artificial turf costs

To find out the cost of artificial grass, there are a few factors to consider. If you just look at them as a whole, this may be a shortcut, but the actual cost may not have arrived. So things that had to be considered to get to the cost are

  • material costs
  • Operating fees
  • job
  • Company overheads.

Let’s look at each other


Different material that is needed for the installation of artificial turf are

  • Wrong grass
  • Weed protection fabric
  • Class 2 road base
  • Bender board
  • Nails, glue, tape and posts
  • Artificial grass filling

Different product qualities are available for each of these products. Since you are investing for a longer period of time, it is best to choose high quality products. The price will vary for different products.

The price of best artificial turf The price of material is between $ 1.21 and $ 2.42 per square foot excluding taxes. When ordering the material, be aware that it must be wasted. State this in the final order.

On average, it is assumed that a total of 1550 square feet of artificial turf will be required to install on an area of ​​1000 square feet if 15% waste is taken into account. With an average price of $ 1.82 / m². ft. The cost of lawn is $ 2,093.00. You need to add taxes that depend on the state you live in.

Next comes the weed barrier fabric that is used to prevent the growth of any type of weed. It is sold primarily in a roll of 1500 square feet and the cost is between $ 68. Since the total area under consideration here is 1000 square feet, one roll is sufficient.

The next item is a class II road base, which is a mix of crushed stone in various sizes. It must be built into the base surface in such a way that it gives the artificial turf stability. The cost of this material varies depending on the location. The average price is between $ 0.23 / m². ft including taxes. So for 100 square feet, it costs $ 210.00

Bender board is required as it separates the lawn from other areas with Softscape. The cost of a four-inch brown poly plate is approximately $ 15.80 per roll. The number of roles to be ordered can be determined as soon as the total amount has been found.

The cost of other items such as nails, tape, and posts is between $ 190.

Finally the artificial turf filling comes. There are different options, from rubber, flex to acrylic-coated sand or quartz sand. It is best to choose the highest quality filling so that you do not have to refill it again. Let’s consider the most popular filling, which is antimicrobial, acrylic-coated sand that costs $ 11 for a 55-pound bag. You need about 36.66 pounds per square foot, which means you need 28 bags. The total cost is $ 308.00

By adding all of these costs together, you can achieve the total cost of the material.

Operating fees

These charges include all costs associated with the transportation of the material. It includes fuel costs, dump fees and shipping costs. The dump fees are approximately $ 248 per load. Then there are fuel costs, which can also be around $ 370.00. Delivery costs also vary between $ 370 and $ 660 per trip.


These are costs that can vary from state to state and are an important factor in determining the final cost of artificial turf. Depending on the experience of the installers, labor costs also vary. However, labor costs vary between $ 2.04 and $ 3.30 per square foot per person. The cost will vary depending on the number of days it takes to install all of the artificial grass.

Finally, there is a company expense that is decided by the company. From the discussion above, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the costs that may arise when you think about installing artificial turf at your home.