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Long-lasting and Highly Protective Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are aesthetic looking and are available in a different shades which can be matched well with the colors and shades of the walls. They are also easy to maintain and clean.Cellular blinds are lightweight, smooth and durable, making them the first choice of blinds for most house owners.

Most of the houses in earlier days had yellow colored plastic slatted blinds which were the most commonly found ones. These plastic blinds were rough in shape and mostly got stuck while using them. Time is changed now, and the presently available cellular blinds come in different varieties, including faux wooden blinds, which are smooth and wider in size.

Main variants of cellular blinds:

  • Blackout shades: Cellular blinds of a darker shade are the best for creating darkness in your room as they do not allow even a ray of light, making the atmosphere ideal for having sound sleep.
  • Self-clean blinds: These cellular blinds are easily movable and every time they move up and down, they get clean and remove any resident dust. The blinds are bouncy and are made of thin plastic which keeps them clean and shiny all the time.
  • Temperature control blinds: These cellular blinds remain efficient for long duration and are of a higher quality. They are highly effective in managing the atmosphere of the room with respect to heat or cold depending on the climate. They have smaller cell pockets which can trap the air completely and influence room temperature to a certain extent.
  • Cordless blinds: The cellular blinds are cordless and they remain intact and flexible in the movement. These blinds are cut neatly on the machines and have equal size. They fit on the entire window well and remain strong against different climatic conditions.
So select any of these blinds and see its effects.