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Ideas to spice up your desk

Ideas to spice up your desk

The desk is one of the most important places in your office, or even at home if you are working from home. It is the room in which we all spend much of the day. It is a hectic task to decorate the desk in a creative way, taking into account the functionality of the place. It is very important that you add the right element of fun to your desk and keep it professional. Be it your desk at work or your desk at home, you have the choice between different options.

Some of the most popular desk options include ergonomic desks, rectangular desks, double-wave desks, corner desks, and front desks. Whether traditional or modern, there is always something to choose from for your own desk. You can also choose high quality materials, which can be wood, plywood, or composite. Furniture at work is one such well known name that offers the best quality office furniture that is of good quality and comes in various designs. You need to choose the right design based on the space available.

Your desk can have different items, which can be a perfect mix of functional and decorative items. Aside from storing your computer or laptop, there is plenty of desk space to experiment with.

One of the most important things to keep on your desk is a clock. I personally prefer to keep a watch that is small, digital and light in color to give my boring workspace the right splash of color. Go for watches that tell a story (#MyDeskStory ), is interesting and unique at the same time.

Try adding pen stands, which are useful for keeping your pens and pens organized. Instead of going for ordinary pen holders, go for fun stands that are shaped like an animal or miniature furniture shape. Opt for notebooks or organizers that are colorful yet helpful for keeping track of your work commitments.

Traditional signs are no longer trendy these days. You need to go beyond the traditional signs and add a bit of humor to your space by introducing fun signs. You’re sure to get smiles from passers-by because of these funny characters.

Desk tops are always the ones where you can add really interesting elements. Beautify your desk with desktop aquariums, dancing hamsters or clenched teeth to motivate you for your work. You can also add some nice posters that can be your morning motivation for your work.

Lamps are also a good idea to light up your desk when you work late at night. I prefer to keep conversation pieces that bring my desk to life and also serve utility purposes. So if you plan to keep a lamp for your desk, choose parts like an alien headlamp or a lava lamp.

These are some of the things that you can keep around your desk to make it more vibrant and colorful at the same time. There are studies that show that boredom is less productive. So introduce more fun and useful things that can make your work area attractive and lively.