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These Pink Bathrooms Are So Bright and Fun

Adding a pop of color can change the entire feel of a room. Dark, atmospheric colors are more likely to exude elegance, light colors provide softness, and light colors tend to appear more fun and playful. Pink is a color that falls somewhere in the middle: it’s both youthful and exciting, but still adds a touch of sophisticated modernism that you just can’t ignore.

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, you can have a little more fun with colors and patterns. Since these small spaces are typically separated from the rest of the home, it’s an easy way to incorporate hues you might not otherwise use in your home. And whether you’re looking for something fun and bold or something modern and simple, pink is one of the hottest new bathroom color trends.

While bathrooms are of course for conducting business, they are also where we go to get ready for work in the morning and relax in the bath after a long day – so why not make the space bright and cheerful? If you’re feeling inspired to add some rosy tones to your own space, we’ve rounded up the best pink bathroom ideas to get you started.