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Awesome Wood Ceiling Ideas for Any Room

Wood lamps are one of the quintessential pieces in any home or office. They make great centerpieces that can brighten any dark area of your home. There’s something about wooden lamps that can give any room a cozy feel. Make it extra special by adding a touch of your personality! Today, we’ll go through some of the best and most creative DIY wooden lamp projects you can try. You’ll have unique home decor in no time.

Are you thinking about installing wooden ceilings in your home? Designers are all for incorporating this architectural feature into their projects.

“Adding wood ceilings automatically adds warmth and richness to a space,” says Jen Dallas of Jen Dallas Interior Architecture & Design Studio. She appreciates wooden ceilings for various aesthetic and functional reasons.

“The color of wood can help brighten a room with a relaxing softness that a painted ceiling doesn’t provide,” explains Dallas. In addition, wooden ceilings offer insulating and soundproofing properties and require little maintenance over time. As Dallas puts it, “You don’t have to repaint!”

Wooden ceilings shine in many rooms throughout the house: they look great in the living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and even in the bathroom. Wooden ceilings are often left in their natural state, but can also be painted. Feeling inspired to incorporate a wood ceiling into your home? The 20 rooms all have beautiful wooden ceilings that are sure to make you want to have your own room.