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How to make your own sheer curtains

Sewing your own sheer curtains is significant because it gives you the opportunity of making something that completely compliments your home décor and favorite style. Moreover, it is important to know that sheer curtains will always make your room look glamorous.

Measure the height of your window from the point where your curtain rod will be situated to the bottom of the window.  The height of the curtain will entirely depend on the length that you are interested in.  The fill of the curtain also a matter of taste and you can know its exact fill by measuring the full length of the curtain rod and then multiplying it by two and remember to give an allowance for your curtain seams.

Sheer curtains require panels, therefore you have to divide the width of your window into two to know the exact length of each panel; purchase the required material and the threads to match the material. Lay out the material on a flat surface and measure the length for each panel and carefully cut them out.

Sew side seams downwards on each of the panels and then press them with an iron which is slightly warm; then hem the bottom side of each panel by folding and pressing them using a warm iron. At the end of this process, you will be left with the required circumference of the curtain rod. At this juncture, you can make the sleeve for the curtain rod.

The last step is to remove any wrinkles on the sheer curtains using a hot iron; make sure that you are careful to avoid burning the curtain.