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How to derive more from the designing and placement of wooden shelves?

Wooden shelves serve a plethora of purposes. These seem deceptively simple but offer a lot of space for the placement of household stuffs. Installation of wooden shelves is quick, great and affordable. Proper placement of shelves can work wonders for your interiors.

If you don’t have enough space on the sills, then you can consider placing your house plants on wooden shelves near window side spots. These can make sun loving geraniums to blossom well. Planning to have extra storage in your bathroom? You can have custom built wooden shelves which can take up cleaning supplies and hand towels. Want to display prized collection? Why not have wooden shelves to display?

Teach your kids how to organize their things by having wooden shelves installed in their room? The books and the toys can be safely placed without making the room messy. Trying to show off the amazing preserves and pickles you made? You can consider placing them on wooden shelves within mason jars that would make everything appear so stylish.

Brighten up the surrounding by faking the effect of a window. You can consider installing shelves in an overly dim room. You can consider painting the shelves in bold colors for creating a visually pleasing effect. Opt for hue that is deeper than the shade of the color in which the room has been painted. Pinecones and pretty rocks can be arranged to create a natural effect. You can accomplish this task with the use of porcupine quills and feathers as well.