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Ways to store your seasonal decorations and accessories

We all know what holidays and festivals bring us. It’s time for family, good food, great gifts and lavish decorations. But if you ever happened to suddenly have more accessories than storage space after removing your decorations, you wouldn’t be the first! Just like “a girl can never have too much jewelry” (and if you know moonmagic.com You know what I mean), a house can never have too many decorations. But don’t worry, because with these tips you will never get into this trouble again. If you put more effort into packing now, it will be much easier to decorate your home next season.

The key is in the organization

First, sort all of your decorations. You can do this by categories such as “outdoor decorations” and “indoor decorations”, by rooms (decorations for living room, kitchen, children’s room) or the order in which you remove them. Be sure to choose the order that best suits your vacation habits.

Stickers, stickers, stickers

Nothing can be more frustrating than looking for a specific item in cardboard boxes. Make this process less stressful and save time next Christmas season by ticking each and every item in the box on the stickers.

Pack the decorations in egg boxes

Egg boxes are ideal for storing fragile Christmas decorations. Their shape and size are ideal for most decorations. You can stack the boxes on top of each other and store the decorations in them.

Use zip pockets

If you want to separate your decorations by color, shape or size, pack them in larger zip pockets. This will make it easier for you to evenly frame your Christmas tree for the next year by focusing on a specific color, shape, or size. This packaging and sorting method is great for fragile plastic decorations.

Use plastic containers

Plastic containers or boxes are also suitable for the disposal of decorations. You can keep them in any store in your home. It’s an investment that pays off when you need to keep lots of fragile decorations. The original purpose of these boxes can be to store shoes, food, toys or tools. What is important, however, is that they can hold as many decorations as possible.

Use wastebasket for muffins and cookies

Use coffee filters or recycle bins for muffins for extra protection. Your decorations are as padded as in the pillow and safe and secure until the next year.

Get a box to hang the decorations in

A good suggestion for storing ornaments is a box in which you literally hang the ornaments – so hang them. All you have to do is find the right rods that are slightly longer than the box, drill the corresponding holes and hang the ornaments on them when you insert them.

Put neat Christmas lights

How many times have you been tormented with a number of Christmas lights? You save yourself the hassle by wrapping the cable around a piece of cardboard. If you have more, stack them neatly in the appropriate box. You can also write a practical reminder on the box, e.g. B. Where do you use the lights or whether the particular color is not working.

Separate the pearls

The problem is also often caused by long rows of decorative beads that tend to wrap around other decorations when placed in the same box. Therefore, it is best to dispose of them separately in a plastic bottle.