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Why you should flush your central heating and radiators with electricity regularly

Installing central heating comes in very handy, but when you have done this you don’t have to just enjoy the heat as over time your system will become fouled with things like rust and general sludge that can be found in the plumbing, boiler and in the radiators. If this is ignored it can lead to several problems. It is therefore recommended that the entire central heating system be cleaned regularly (so-called power flush).

Signs that your central heating needs a power purge

  1. The radiators are colder at the bottom than at the top.
  2. There are unusual noises from the boiler, pump or radiators.
  3. The radiators take longer than necessary to warm up.
  4. Although the pipes feel hot, the radiators are not.
  5. If you “vent” a radiator, no water will escape.
  6. Or you vent a cooler and the leaking water looks dirty.
  7. You notice that the boiler tends to turn itself off for no reason.
  8. Some radiators feel fine, others do not reach the required temperature.
  9. There are small leaks in one or more radiators.
  10. The water from your taps is cloudy

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Why it is important to flush your central heating and radiators with electricity

photo-1506619956381-26a36a943b27 Why you should regularly flush your central heating and radiators with electricity

Scheduling a regular power flush offers several benefits to avoid the build-up of debris such as scale in the system, including:

  • A more efficient central heating system. Otherwise, some radiators may not work as well as others, or in the worst case scenario, none of them will generate the right amount of heat.
  • Avoid things that build up the point at which part of the central heating system becomes clogged, which can easily lead to damage and leave you with an expensive repair bill (as well as no heating!).
  • Regular power flushing extends the life of your central heating.
  • Your radiators not only heat up evenly, they also work much faster than a sluggish system.
  • There are no strange and possibly alarming noises coming from the boiler or the radiators.
  • You will have much hotter water.

More facts and tips about power flushing

Experts recommend that as long as you have your boiler serviced annually, you may only need a power flush every five years – provided none of the symptoms of potential problems described above appear. However, this is only an estimate as other factors may affect the need for more current flushing.

For example, if you have a copper heat exchanger, it will erode much more often and cause problems than a stainless steel heat exchanger. It is also recommended that you schedule an electrical flush before replacing your boiler with a new version to avoid problems with existing sludge in the plumbing or radiators.

It’s always worth investing some ashes to have your central heating system flushed with electricity by an expert who has the knowledge to work with the chemicals it needs.