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Transform your interiors with a shag carpet

Shag carpets feature a fabric that bears a shaggy resemblance. Shags rugs are immensely popular for the soft feel they offer. A cozy touch can be added to any room with the use of shag rugs. What distinguishes a shag carpet from the rest is that these have long yarn fibers that remain attached to the carpet in irregular patterns. This imparts a messy look to the carpet naturally.

Shag carpet are available in a plethora of fibers such as cotton, woo, acrylic. These are available in mini, short and long versions. For maintaining and for a general upkeep, these carpets must not be exposed to continuous and direct sunlight. In order to avoid wear and tear, these carpets must be turned occasionally.

A plush and soft feel is offered by shag carpets. These are soft to feel and it feels no less than heavenly to walk on. These make the ambiance of a home more inviting. These are quite popular and hence are easily available. These can be used in areas where there is frequent movement. Wool shag rugs are naturally stain resistant, insulating and durable. These insulate the floors and are ideal for use during winters. These are can become the focal point in any contemporary setting. With the soft feel and comfort, these made a stylish addition to the décor.

Shag rugs require proper care. It is vital to carry out regular vacuuming. Any stain or spill must be removed immediately. Shag rugs tend to shed their fibers initially. This diminished after frequent usage.