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Top 10 kitchen painting trends

The kitchen is so often considered to be the heart of the house and this is why it’s important to make sure it looks and feels good. As with every feature, kitchens have their own unique sets Trends and fashion, and we’ve got the inside information on the hottest looks to really help your home stand out From the crowd!

Read on for the top ten trends in kitchen painting and make sure your room is up to date!

1. Time to go green

The concept of “environmental protection” is currently ubiquitous, from the elimination of single-use plastics to the reuse of our shopping bags. You may not have expected it to be one of the top trends in kitchen painting for 2020! From deep forest tones to glittering emerald accents, this is the perfect opportunity to give your home a modern twist and bring nature into play!

Depending on which shade you choose, you can help the green really burst with a contrasting counter or cabinet color. Maybe a strong, bright white to emphasize a dark jade tone, or dramatic black as a perfect contrast to a light turquoise tone. This choice can be a chance to have fun and create a striking, unique space!

2. Hug your dark side

2020 will also take into account the trends for a much darker color palette and avoid sweet pastel colors for a more refined and shady finish. Black in particular proves to be popular and forms a perfect contrast to light white marble slabs or to highlight certain splashes of color.

As part of this, white cabinets seem to have had their day, and many kitchens are now showing dramatic black fronts! If you dare to go dark, you will get a super modern environment that will help you make a bold visual statement.

3. Don’t feel blue!

According to the allusion to darker tones, the navy has also grown in popularity. This is largely due to its versatility and ability to instantly add a touch of class to any home. An easy way to improve the status of your kitchen with minimal effort! Green also looks stunning in combination with light marble or quartz counters and units.

4. Find friends!

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a single tone that you prefer. The color spectrum is huge and there are many options – all of this seems to fit perfectly! Fortunately, as one of the top trends for 2020, designers are choosing two colors from the same shade. For example, dark and light blue or magenta and pastel pink can be played against each other. Both are then used to create a unique, two-tone aesthetic that instantly increases the visual appeal of each room!

5. Keep it cool and calm

The Scandi trend is still very much alive, and how can you better transform your kitchen into an oasis of calm and zen than choosing a fresh, neutral tone as the background? A barely there gray or white with a hint of blush is the perfect way to point out a color, while maintaining a simple, relaxing environment in which it is a pleasure to work.

6. Enjoy minimalist chic

Go a step further and combine two kitchen trends into one: a minimalist surface and a blank white canvas. This is an easy way to freshen up the space, and it also helps small kitchens look big and airy. White is also a perfect choice if you want to update your accessories and devices regularly. there is no need a brand new paint job every time you feel like a change!

7. Choose a focus

You can also update your kitchen by picking a single item you want to focus on. This can have an exciting and dramatic visual impact. Prepare a neutral base with white walls and add a touch of personality with bright, bold closets, a flashy island, or a variety of exciting works of art. This can be a cheaper way to transform your kitchen while making sure everything looks fresh and new.

Gray cabinets can also be a perfect companion to thick white walls, and this is a great way to achieve a sophisticated, fresh finish with a fairly neutral palette.

8. Remember to kiss

When you’re out of inspiration, KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid is one of the best things you can do. Gray is an eternally popular color, and for a good reason it goes with anything, can give a room a real elegance, and is the perfect backdrop for a range of colors and accents without the sharpness that white can sometimes bring.

Just because you choose a gray finish doesn’t mean you have to be boring. From pigeon gray to slate, silver to smoky steel, there is a large selection of colors. You can also use some of the tips discussed, e.g. B. the use of two different shades to achieve a two-tone effect for maximum effect.

9. Be brave

There is a trend towards harmony in interior design that has been going on for many years. However, 2020 is the chance to cross borders and make a serious statement. If you choose strong, intentionally coordinated colors, you can bring out your personality and give a classic kitchen an individual touch.

By deliberately choosing the opposite colors, you seriously shape your home. This can also be a great opportunity to try out the loudest and brightest wallpaper patterns and surfaces you never thought you’d use! It is your home; Why not be fun?

10. Create warmth – even in the deepest winter

We have all dreamed of throwing everything away to embark on a sun-kissed adventure, and now you can restore the mood from the comfort of your own home! Use warm oranges and yellows to instantly liven up the room and give your kitchen an earthy, Mediterranean feel. A perfect excuse to drink red wine and eat olives!