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Key elements to make your bedroom the perfect retreat

Your bedroom should be the quietest, most calming, and peaceful place in the house. We tend to focus all of our design efforts on the areas that we can show our friends – like the kitchen, living room, bathroom – and we keep forgetting that the bedroom should be our space to relax after a stressful day. Since modern life has a significant impact on our mental and physical health, everything in the bedroom should revolve around us and what suits us best! We have to invest in our quality of life and that starts with investing in good night’s sleep.

Follow our tips and make your bedroom a quiet and relaxing retreat.

Get rid of things and get back to basics.

Chaos has no place in the bedroom. Search every drawer, shelf, and corner to see if you need all of the items. Get rid of random things piling up in the room. The same goes for furniture. You don’t have to take everything out, but consider cutting away some furniture that you don’t really need. When you have a small bedroom, you need to have as much storage space as possible. Try to have a trunk to put things in at the end of the bed (you can also use it as a bench). Use storage boxes under the bed or for extra space Maximize your space by lifting things off the floor and adding shelves. Once you finish clearing, you will immediately feel calmer and happier.

Invest in a real bed, mattress, and linens.

The bed is often the focal point of a bedroom. Set up your bed so that it is one of the first things you see when you walk in the room. There are so many ways to choose a bed or bed frame that you can choose between something bold and something old-fashioned and vintage – all depending on your taste. But remember, a peaceful looking bed is a great way to create a calming mood in the room.

Since the mattress is the most commonly used piece of furniture in the entire home, you should invest in one. But how do you know? It’s easy as we are all comfortable with different types of mattresses (and pillows). If it fits your body and gives you the rest you need, it’s probably the right one. One thing is certain – you will never understand the value of investing in it best mattress until you slept in one

Choose bedding that feels good against your skin. Cotton is usually an excellent choice because it is comfortable and cheap. Cotton towels are soft and absorb moisture quickly, keeping the body warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.

Use a calming palette of colors.

When it comes to the bedroom, more refreshing colors are better. They have a calming and softer effect on the room. Muted shades of blue are considered to be the most conducive to sleep. Cool gray tones also promote calm, while warm tones are often stimulating and tend to keep you awake at night.

Interior designers recommend subtly repeating the color at least two or three times so that everything melts together. For example, if you choose yellow as the accent color, make sure your throws, pillows, and rugs all have a touch of yellow in them. And don’t be afraid to use a pattern. You don’t want to have everything fixed. It would be too boring. But also be careful, you don’t want everything to be patterned as it would be too messy. Balance is everything.

The right lights.

Good lighting in your room is a must. If you have access to natural light, make this window the focal point of the room. Use curtains that can easily cover your room with light. If your bedroom isn’t getting a lot of sunlight, find a warm lampshade or lightbulb. In this way you can create a calming mood light according to your wishes.

The right temperature.

Our body naturally cools down when we fall asleep. Our indoor temperature is usually highest in the early afternoon and lowest around 5 a.m. So if you help your body get to that lower temperature faster, it can lead to deeper and better sleep. Keep the temperature room comfortably fresh – between 60 and 75 ° F. Check your bedroom Air quality regularly as it affects your sleep. Keep your room well ventilated to ensure you have enough fresh air during the day.

No work in the bedroom and electronics kept away!

Sometimes it can be impossible to leave work in the office, and a desk in the bedroom can completely ruin a relaxed atmosphere. For this reason, do your best to keep work and stress out of your bedroom. Also, keep your computer, tablet, cell phone and TV away! Not just because your bedroom has to be your zen space, but because blue / white light is a stimulant that increases awareness. This is not an advantage you would like when you fall asleep. Total darkness before bed is best for a good night’s sleep.

The cozy details

Cozy carpets – If your bedroom floors are made of hardwood, find a small carpet that you can put right next to your bed. Carpets have a unique way of connecting all the elements of a place together. They are used primarily by interior designers when they want to combine different colors for the decor. The carpet makes the room feel grounded. When properly placed, it can help anchor the furniture in a room and create a cozy and intimate space.

Most importantly, carpets convey a sense of calm in the room, both for the body and for the energy. Fast flowing energy can create a sense of chaos in your home. As energy moves slowly across soft surfaces, a carpet is ideal for slowing down energy and reducing the feeling of excitability or fear in a room.

The perfect fragrance – Get soothing lavender, eucalyptus, or lemongrass oil and use a diffuser to let the scent flow. Put a candle you love on your bed stand and light it an hour before you go to bed. Soon you will start to associate it with your bedtime rituals and will help you relax quickly and fall asleep easily.

Get a plant – A living green thing in your room can improve your disposition. Succulents are best. Put the plant in a place where you can see it from your bed. Not only is it nice to look at, but it also gives you a little bit of responsibility to help you stay invested in your room.