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Successfully integrate maximalism into a small home

Decorating a house in a maximalist style can be a daunting undertaking on its own, and doing so in a small house – that’s a whole different challenge.

There’s a fine line between maximalism and kitsch – this is why incorporating maximalism into your home requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to understand how to separate tasteful from sticky.

However, it is possible to turn your little home into a maximalist haven without taking things to extremes and keeping it charming and harmonious – read on to learn how.

Decide on the color palette for your home

chastity-cortijo-1119627-unsplash Successfully integrate maximalism into a small home

There is a rule when it comes to choosing a color scheme for your maximalist home – be generous! You can’t go wrong with colors as long as you follow certain rules. You need to decide on the colors that will be used in your room. Take the colors of your existing furniture into account and use them as the focus.

When looking to buy new furniture, you have complete freedom to choose your color scheme. It’s best to start with a simple, neutral color scheme to get the feel of a blank canvas, and then build from there. Mostly maximalist houses are painted in dark or neutral colors so that the accent pieces and patterns steal the show.

Use your walls to create a colorful art gallery

Apartment-416039_1280 Successfully integrate maximalism into a small home

After painting your walls, you want to make sure they don’t stay empty. Maximalism thrives on colorful works of art, bold patterns and eccentric pieces, so that the entire room looks like a big canvas on which to express your feelings and your personality.

A series of photos and images in different frames and sizes that revolve around an exquisite painting – this is a great way to achieve maximalism on vertical surfaces. The subjects in pictures and paintings can vary from people and landscapes to abstracts and still lifes – as long as it is something that you love and that you are personally attracted to.

Turn your bathroom into a maximalist haven

bad-1597027_1920 Successfully integrate maximalism into a small home

Gold colored faucets and metallic fittings are trends that have been around for quite a while, and they continue to be part of every modern home.

They give your bathroom a sense of elegance and prestige, while choosing a round mirror with a shiny gold frame highlights the metallics. Implement brightly colored tiles that emphasize the beauty of the accessories – match them with flashy or graphic tiles, or use glossy tiles in darker tones such as myrtle green, plum purple, wine red or dark gray to add some drama to the room.

Of course, no bathroom is complete without a comfortable soaking tub to relax in and take a hot bubble bath. There are many high quality designer bathrooms available – find one that suits your style and voila – you have a chic maximalist oasis of a bathroom!

Let your personality shine through your home

inside-3059814_1920 Successfully integrate maximalism into a small home

Maximalism is all about patterns. So when you choose colors that you want to have in your home, you can really express your creativity and personality.

Don’t strive for perfection, but for personalizing your living space – maximalism works best when it is imperfect, just like us humans. Add items and accessories that you really enjoy, inspire, and remind you of certain periods of your life.

An old picture on the wall that reminds you of that summer or a certain record on the wall that reminds you of your wild teenage years can serve as inspiration and nostalgic relapse. When it comes to maximalism, it’s about letting your imagination run wild – nothing is forbidden.

Integrate boho or vintage elements – or both!

image1-1 Successfully integrate maximalism into a small home

Homeowners interested in boho-inspired design will wholeheartedly embrace maximalism. These two styles are closely related – both celebrate excessive decor, printed fabrics, a Variety of colors and a happy mood.

Vintage lovers can also combine old-fashioned furniture and accessories – they will fit perfectly in a room decorated in a maximalist style. Retro design styles like Art Nouveau and Art Deco were all based on excess and they are sure to blend perfectly with maximalism.

Minimalism is a cool trend, but it focuses on clean surfaces and constraints when it comes to accessories. On the other hand, we have maximalism, which is about freedom and expression. Interference suppression and fewer things? The answer of maximalism is: Everything in!

Maximumism serves as a contrast to the overall Hygge concept and enables you to express your creativity and your character. It focuses on customizing our living space rather than making it look like a pristine, minimalist model home that you would see in a furniture catalog. With the tips we propose you create a perfect maximalist home that serves as an oasis of valuable memories, good mood and positive feelings.

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