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10 architectural details you may miss

Architectural details are often taken for granted until the final phase approaches and you notice the meaning. Failure to take into account the details at the beginning can lead to frustration when you observe a few incomparable designs and architectures. Truoba house plans collected the most important details that you may have missed earlier.

The trick is to focus on the details early on. This doesn’t mean that you should go into every aspect as early as possible, but it should give you enough time to understand every detail that would improve and strengthen the architecture. The following list contains some simple but important architectural details that you should think about when designing.

  1. Building plan – It may surprise you, but every architectural detail starts with the floor plans. This is a top view of a scaled diagram of a building or house. Everything that is relevant to the purpose of the plan, such as dimensions, furniture, equipment and other necessary elements. The floor

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Plan is very important and useful when designing wiring systems, arranging furniture and other matters.

Designing and building a house, a floor plan is a very important thing. Aside from the fact that it could increase its resale value, it also increases the excitement of the house by creating detailed zones.

  1. Create a special place to sleep and use the available storage space – Regardless of whether you have an open space or a small living space, it is important to maximize the available space where you can put all your things. If you are special in your field, you will get an idea of ​​how you can make the most of it.

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  1. Color distinction – color level two in a different shade – If you paint your mezzanine with stylish colors and designs and paint the second level with a different approach, you will surely feel that the second level or the bed area is a completely different world.
  1. Use folding glass – A very flexible detail is the installation of a black metal clear glass door. This would not only add to the texture and color combinations, but also give you the flexibility in your home.
  1. Combination of movable wall and folding wall bed – This dynamic solution offers modern living details that can accommodate almost all of the elementary zones of your home – kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and bedroom, etc. This motorized movable wall can hide your closet, drawers and cupboards. When fully expanded, a queen-size folding bed is available. This intelligent and technologically advanced solution is a good thing to complement your architectural details.
  1. Use the space behind your sofa – Most of us tend to position your sofa in the middle and leave so little space for nothing. You can use them intelligently by giving them an artistic design while increasing storage capacity. So no space is wasted.

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  1. The bed under an elevated kitchen – This unique architectural detail is particularly suitable for people who live in a small space. It transforms your double bed into a fully functional sofa, which is partially hidden under an elevated kitchen design. You can even hide the bed completely to make more room for certain activities. This is a very clever detail in the design that offers you an intelligent space-saving approach.
  1. Swiss pocket knife-like cabinet – These clever hints and creative moving units of Asian designs offer a very artistic detail. By implementing the concept of the Swiss Army Knife, all elements are folded and then stored in a single large cabinet. Apart from being elegant and multifunctional, it also takes up a small part of the space in your home. Really an elegant design in detail.
  1. Customized heavy doors versus hollow core doors – The door keeps the threshold between the inside and the outside of your house, so it is important that the weight is taken into account. Take the opportunity to “feel” your weight by closing and opening a heavy door and then the hollow core door. Ask yourself which one has a better grip and feels better. Most likely, your choice would be the more difficult.

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If you wish, do not forget that all components or hardware should be uniform and in style and execution uniform. If the doorknob has a satin chrome finish, you need to match the hinges. Plate and other components as well. This gives other people the impression of how important small details are for you.

  1. House numbers – In most cases, house numbers outside of your doors or house are not provided with creative details. One of your visitors could tell you that it’s almost as if you don’t want him or her to know where you live (although he’s just fun).

Think of this scenario as a good opportunity to create an inviting detail of your house number. A well-lit larger number is enough.

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These 10 architectural details are just a few, but essential for your home design. There are hundreds of details you can rely on. However, some of these may be less important for your design in detail.

Take the time to consider the right architectural details. Read also about Custom houses to choose the best among architectural ideas. Remember that you and your family will benefit the most from it at the end of the day.