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Have a garden cart for your garden

Nowadays different types of garden carts are available in market wood, metal etc. garden carts are used in the garden to store dry leaves and dead plants. They are also useful to kept pots of different plants. Carts have flat bottoms and straight sides. They are made of metal wires instead of metal sheets for decreasing weight of garden carts. They are designed to be pulled, with two or more, often large wheels. Generally, it can handle larger loads. In the market, they are available mainly in two different types.garden cart  17

Larger cart:

Large carts are used in the garden to load bulky things such as stones, firewoodand heavy cement garden ornaments but very difficult to pulling these larger carts. Larger carts do not come with any kind of cover

Smaller carts:

Smaller carts are used in garden to load lighter things such as dead plants, dry leaves etc. smaller garden carts that come in handle for toting tools and flats of plants. The smaller garden carts often come with a cover.garden cart  64

How choose a best garden cart:

There are main three things that must be remember when you go to buy a garden cart


Garden carts come in plastic, rubber, wood. Every material has its own properties mentioned below:

Plastic: Weather proof and lighter

Wood: Can take a beating

Metal:  It’s strong and durable. But easily rusted

According for your convenience select material which suitable for you.garden cart  69


 Two different kinds of tires are available in market.

Pneumatic (air-filled): easy to push, but can go flat. However, they are easy to replace.

Solid or foam filled  –  come in larger sizes, which make rough terrain easier to tackle.

Another most important thing must be remember for buying a cart.

Capacity of user: Selection of cart also depends upon user capacity.