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How to prepare your home for holiday guests

Holidays are just around the corner! Soon your family and friends will gather in your house to celebrate and be in good spirits.

Decorating your home for the holidays is part of the fun. Another necessary part of accommodating guests is cleaning your home. Whether you stay overnight or just stop by for a few hours, you also want to leave a good first impression with your guests.

Before you throw the turkey in the oven and set the table with your best cutlery, do the following.

Clean the kitchen thoroughly

Yes, your kitchen will get messy once you start cooking your vacation dinner in it! However, you don’t want your kitchen to look dirty when your guests arrive. Wipe the counter wipes, remove the grease in the oven, scrub the floor, and clean the refrigerator. There is a possibility that your guests will eventually go into your fridge. Whether they’re putting food away or drinking something, you don’t want them to open the doors to find a dirty mess. Once the kitchen is clean, add some decorative details, such as: B. a few holiday tea towels.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Even if you are already vacuuming as part of your normal cleaning schedule, vacuum again! You not only want to vacuum your floors, but also vacuum your upholstered furniture and all curtains. If you don’t have a vacuum with the right attachments, now is the time to buy one. This website can help you with this Find a good one for your budget. Vacuuming refreshes your house before guests arrive and prevents dirt, hair and pet skins from getting on your clothes.

Let the bathroom sparkle

If you only have a limited amount of time to clean, one of the rooms you don’t want to skip is the bathroom. Bathrooms are a refuge for germs and bacteria. The last thing you want is for your guests to get sick after visiting your home. Take an afternoon off to get the all-purpose cleaner and a brush out. You should also replace any towels in the room and keep personal items (such as toothbrushes). Consider adding some seasonally scented hand soap to add some Christmas joy to the room!

Clear up your clutter

Think about which rooms your guests will be spending time in. They are probably sitting in your living room or hanging around your dining table. If your dining table is currently covered with paperwork and other items, it’s time to get rid of your clutter! Disorder is everything that makes the room look messy and untidy. Even if your home is perfectly clean, crowded rooms will seem like your home isn’t hygienic. If your living space is free of clutter, add some decorations, e.g. B. a vacation centerpiece!

Set aside space

Finally, make sure your guests have a place to keep their things. Overnight guests should have a drawer in their guest room where they can store their clothes. You should also have an area in your bathroom to store toiletries. If your guests are only visiting for a day, make sure there is room in a closet where they can hang their coats. Show them where to store personal items each time they arrive. Once inside, give them a few minutes to settle down before the Christmas celebrations begin.

Refresh the guest room

If you have an area in your house that your guests will be staying in, you need to clean and tidy the room. If your guest room doubles as a playroom or office, store personal items so your guests don’t feel like intruders. You will want that too Change bed linen in the room. Even if no one has slept in bed since your last overnight guest, the bed linen will become dusty over time. Finally, add some decorative accents to the room. This can be a holiday pillow, a cozy blanket or some other kind of festive decor.

Final thoughts

To make your guests feel as comfortable as possible, make sure your home is clean and that they have a place to store their belongings. If you clean and tidy up your house, you can also add some Christmas decorations! Your guests will feel at home in a clean and decorated house.