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How high can the TV be mounted in your bedroom?  (Replied)

A flat screen television, be it LCD, LED or other screen technology, is extremely common in modern households. This allowed us to save a lot of space and at the same time improve the image quality they offer us. Since these are now relatively accessible, we can purchase practically one for each room. However, to enjoy the maximum comfort of lying in our bed while watching a movie, we need to know how high the TV needs to be mounted in our bedroom.

The intent to purchase one of these TVs is that they increase our comfort and not that we develop neck pain by looking in complicated directions. For this reason, new types of brackets for them came onto the market at the same time that flat-screen television technologies came on the market.

If we want to have a TV in our bedroom that we can fully enjoy, we have to determine the best place to install it. Finding the best point of view is not that difficult, although we need to consider some aspects that we will discuss in this article.

Some advantages of watching TV in the bedroom

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  • For many it is more convenient to watch TV from the bed than to sit on a sofa. If you feel that you are not spending enough time in your hallway, you can install the TV in your bedroom.
  • With the corresponding TV bracket for bedrooms you get a very interesting technological appearance in your area.
  • TVs can serve as a social meeting point. Having a partner can help you interact with them.
  • During the morning, you can wake up with a bedroom TV and get the most important news, as well as weather or traffic data.

Ideal TV size for the bedroom

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When we buy a TV for the bedroom, it usually exceeds 32 inches. It is normal to consider that our head is farther from the screen when lying in our bed, which means that with smaller dimensions, we lose details.

The small letters of the news or the best quality films need a larger screen to be displayed as they deserve.

Remember that when we talk about the inches of a TV, we are talking about the diagonal distance that the TV is without counting the edges outside the monitor.

If we finally choose a more compact TV, we can get an adjustable bracket that allows us to change its position to move it when needed.

The situation is fundamental

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First, a bedroom TV should be installed near an electrical outlet. Lie down on your bed and see which positions you can place your head in without hurting. If an angle is not comfortable or causes pain, we immediately exclude the installation of the TV in this direction.

Compare the TV to a work of art

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For many, a television is already a work of art, but we don’t mean that. When choosing the installation location, consider where a large painting would hang. Keep in mind that height is not a limiting factor for a TV, as we can get a rotating bracket to tilt the screen slightly.

How high can the TV be mounted in your bedroom?

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Depending on the physical properties of each room and how we will see it, this reaction can vary. In a living room, for example, you can watch TV on a sofa or chair, so it shouldn’t be too high to be able to see it perfectly.

However, when we are lying in our bed, the TV should be a bit higher so that we don’t have to bow our heads as much.

Eye level is not that important in the bedroom

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Normally, the center of a television is always at the same level as our eyes, which guarantees that the screen is displayed vertically. However, this can be a problem in a bedroom as it would be very low on the wall, which among other things would make it difficult to locate the furniture.

Ideal viewing distance

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In order to take full advantage of the size of our TV (and not suffer any visual damage), there must be a certain distance between us and the monitor. This depends on the size of the screen in inches.

There is a formula to calculate the approximate distance that we have to separate (in inches) to watch TV. We simply divide the horizontal of the TV into 0.55 and get a reference distance. For example, for a 42-inch monitor, the distance should be 76 inches.

Adequate lighting

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It is not only important how high you mount your TV in the bedroom, but you should also consider the lighting of the room. The vast majority of people prefer to watch TV in the dark, but it’s certainly not as practical as it seems.

Watching TV in the dark causes great visual fatigue and affects your sleeping habits by staying alert. Therefore, you must maintain dim lighting when watching TV. This can be solved with a couple of lamps: one near the TV and one near you to relieve tension.

Perfect viewing angle

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Nowadays, TV screens have a wide viewing angle, so we can view them from virtually any corner without losing color. However, this is not optimal.

According to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the maximum angle should be 30 degrees.

Get the best sound

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Since we will lie down most of the time, the sound of the TVs installed in the bedrooms will have to move on. As a result, you end up setting a high volume that is annoying.

The situation is worse if you also share the room and force your partner to watch TV. There are two ways to solve these problems:

  • With a surround sound system: With external speakers, we can place them closer to us so that we don’t have to set a high volume. You can also get better stereo audio by placing the speakers on either side.
  • With wireless headphones: If you do not want to interfere, connect wireless headphones to the TV. This way you can enjoy the whole sound without disturbing others.

How to install a TV in our room

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The first is to have all the necessary tools and elements to ensure a good assembly. It requires a proper bracket for the size of your TV (though most of these come with a standard for multiple sizes), screws, screws, screwdrivers, a wrench socket, and preferably a stud finder.

When everything is ready, you can install your new TV in three easy steps.

  • Step 1: Use the stud finder to find some studs on the wall where you can attach the TV stand. For large or heavy televisions, note that you need to install up to two screws. Set the bracket as a reference and mark with a pencil where the screws are. Also keep in mind that you need to install the cables on the TV so that there is a good distance between it and the wall and it must be near an electrical outlet.

Step 1 How high should the TV be installed in your bedroom?  (Replied)

  • Step 2: Once you have set the ideal height for your TV, attach the bracket with the bolts or screws. Depending on the wall type, you may need a drill, screwdriver or socket wrench. Have a spirit level ready to ensure that the TV does not tip over. When installing the bracket, keep in mind that you can easily see the bottom of the TV in bed. If not, the bracket should be higher.

Step 2 How high can the TV be mounted in your bedroom?  (Replied)

  • Step 3: After installing the wall mount, install the remaining half with screws on the back of the TV. Once both frames are done, just fit them together. Do not leave the TV on the cradle if you think it may fall.

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