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Decorate your little guest room

A small guest room is difficult to find. You want to offer your guests a nice lounge, but also have a functional space that can be used in your everyday life.

When you strike the right balance, your friends and family will feel welcome and happy to be a guest in your home while you have extra space to store or just hang out.

Read our tips on how to make the most of your small guest room.

Getting the furniture right

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Choosing the right furniture for your room will help you make the most of the space available.

When it comes to the bed, try to leave space on either side if there is enough space in your room. This gives you more space to walk in the room.

If you are limited in space and still want a double bed, a day bed is the perfect way to make the most of your space. This way you have a single bed with a frame for regular use and can be pulled into a double bed for visitors.

Another way to maximize your room is to add two single beds instead of one double bed. You have plenty of space for two guests, but you can make optimal use of the floor space of your room.

With regard to other furniture in your room, only have what is absolutely necessary for you.

Useful storage

Following our previous point on furniture, adding a decent amount of storage space can keep everyday items out of your room when guests come by.

If you have enough space for a closet, keep it a reasonable size. If your room has awkward spaces, a custom built built in closet will work well and will occupy that area.

Make use of the available space under the bed with the help of storage boxes. You can stay organized and keep everything in one place.

Another space-saving option is the use of multifunctional furniture. A perfect example of this is the use of a shelf as a headboard. Alternatively, you can add an office for storage that easily converts into a desk, keeping everything neat and compact for your guests.

Choose the right layout

Another important aspect to get the most out of your room is the functional design of the furniture. You want to have as much space as possible while keeping furniture to a minimum.

Make the most of the uncomfortable room with well-fitting furniture and keep the entrance and windows as free as possible.

Keep it bright

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Natural light in a small space will help improve feel and energy. Keep the windows clear in daylight and let some light in. Windows should be cleaned regularly to avoid sun exposure.

If the light in your room is too strong, thin, white curtains or drapes help to make the room softer. Continuous curtains give the impression of high ceilings and more space in your home.

Use a mirror

A classic interior design trick: a mirror makes a room appear larger. Adding a large mirror will instantly make your room look bigger.

You can also use several small mirrors on your wall to create a feature and give the impression a larger space.

Once you’ve decided on a closet in your guest room, you can add mirrors to the doors to save space. This works especially well for a built-in closet as you can often choose mirrors on doors as standard.

Remove the clutter

photo-1540518614846-7eded433c457 Decorate your small guest room

When decorating your small guest room, be ruthless with what you want to include. Embrace a minimalist style and keep furniture and accessories to a minimum.

Bedside tables and furniture tops should be limited to one or two small standing accessories. Try to add only functional accessories that are useful.

In terms of furniture, use only a few large parts in the room. Don’t feel the need to fill a space for it. If you don’t need something, don’t add it.

Assemble the lamps

A great way to reduce the clutter on bedside tables is to mount a lamp directly on the wall. Use an overhanging light just above the bed.

You can either connect a wall lamp to your wall or attach a lamp with a conventional plug to keep costs down. Add an interesting lighting design to create a feature in your space.

Choose the right color

When choosing the color scheme of your guest room, there are several options to choose from to suit your style.

A traditional white room gives you a bright room, which is essentially an empty table to equip. Similarly, bright, neutral colors are a great option to keep the room bright.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, a bright and bold color as a feature wall can really open up your space. Since different color schemes can work, choose the best color palette for your style.

Avoid bringing too much color into the room as this can be too intrusive in a small room.

Add some wall art

Wall art is the perfect way to add character to your guest room. One large piece or several smaller pieces look best on the wall of your room.

Works of art, photographs and family photos breathe life into your room. A Wall stickers The main wall gives your bedroom a unique design and shows personality.

In addition to art on the center wall, smaller pieces can be used on the surrounding walls. Just avoid adding too much as it will make the space feel cramped.

Put on the bed

Bedroom 1078890_960_720 Decorate your little guest room

If you’ve decided on a white or neutral color palette, the bed is a great way to inject the color. Add a brightly colored or patterned bed sheet that matches the aesthetics of the room.

Throws and textured knitwear can also be used on the bed to brighten up the room. They also add to the warmth of the room. If you have a Scandinavian style, litters are likely an obvious choice for your home.

You can also improve the look of a bed with pillows. A couple of large pillows will make the bed look more comfortable and appealing.

Final thoughts on decorating a small guest room

As with any interior design project for your own home, you should always put your personal stamp on your room. If you follow these tips, your guests will feel more like they are in a hotel than in a guest room.

Think about each piece of furniture before making a decision so that you can make the most of your space.

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