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Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Dreamy Design

The Bohemian style was originally characterized by a colorful and maximalist mix of eclecticism and eccentricity. However, nowadays, boho-style bedrooms are often mixed with popular styles such as Scandinavian styles or interpreted with a minimalist touch and neutral color palettes.

San Francisco-based French expat Siham Mazouz, author of the home decor book How the French Live, says that the ideal boho-style decor “layers colors, textures and artistic, travel or repurposed objects to ultimately, almost through, a happy Coincidence, an unconventional, colorful, whimsical and unconventional decor. It’s about reusing the old and mixing meaningful items that you have collected through your personal experience and the countries you have visited or lived in, creating from scratch a personal scene that reflects who You are and how unique your personal experiences are. It tells your story.

Check out these stylish boho-style bedrooms and get inspiration on how to add a touch of boho chic to your space.