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Why you need a water filter for the whole house and a drinking water filter

Clean water that is available to you and your family is essential for everyday life. Water is necessary for drinking, showering, cooking and more. Did you know that your water is full of pollutants? This includes bacteria, parasites, chemicals and more. Even chlorine-treated water can contain these substances.

Much like oxygen, water is important to sustain life. Every person needs to have plenty of water every day for their body to function properly, since the body is made up of more than 70% water. While this is true, it is somewhat ironic that only a small percentage of the water on Earth is actually drinkable, especially since the surface of the earth is mostly water.

In addition, the water that comes out of your tap may not be as pure as you think, even though it has been through a water treatment system. As soon as water leaves the treatment plant and gets into your house, it can absorb completely new impurities. The same can happen if your water is stored in a private well.

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a good, safe, and clean supply of pure water is to install it a house water filter system. A high quality filter system effectively removes chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria from the water. Think about how tedious it would be to have the water you drink every day tested. The simplest and best solution is to use filter water from your own water filter system.

Why it makes sense to have an entire domestic water filtration system

Regardless of the type of filter system you choose, installing a water filter system offers several advantages. These advantages are highlighted here.

Safer drinking water

If you filter the water that comes into your home, you can be sure that you have safe and healthy drinking water compared to what is provided in ordinary tap water or even bottled water. If you are dealing with unfiltered water, you will have to deal with contaminants such as lead even if it is sent from the local water treatment plant. A water treatment plant will also offer the water a number of other chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride as part of the treatment method.

If you invest in a water filter system, all chemical elements and additional impurities will be removed. You can fill safe water bottles with your filtered water and have safe and healthy water no matter where you go.

Protect the environment

More than 50 billion plastic water bottles are purchased in the United States each year. Unfortunately, less than 40% of all these bottles are recycled. The rest will end up in a landfill. If you buy a house water filter system, you can avoid that the already overfilled landfills contain more garbage. Remember that it takes an average of 450 years for a plastic bottle to completely disintegrate.

Reduce skin irritation

Some substances, including chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals, that are present in water can irritate some pre-existing skin conditions.

save money

If you buy bottled water, you will get significant cost savings if you install a water filter in your home. If there are four or more members in your home and everyone drinks three bottles of water a day, you can save up to $ 700 a year. This assumes that you are buying an average pack of 24 water bottles for around $ 5 each.

The cost of a filter system may be higher initially, but over time it pays off. New filters are required annually, which cost around $ 75. You save a significant amount of money over time.

Reduce the repair costs for sanitary installations

With a water filter system, you can reduce the number of sanitary repairs required and lower your actual repair costs. All contamination can cause serious damage to your home’s sanitary system. However, not only the pipes are at risk. Other devices in your home can also be damaged, which will cost even more to repair or replace once the damage is repaired. This includes your washing machine, dishwasher, waste disposal, ice machine and much more.

What types of water filtration systems are there?

Nowadays, water filtration systems have several options to choose from. The three main points to consider are highlighted below.

Activated carbon

This is a very common and inexpensive option. Usually this water filter system is installed under the sink. You only need to replace the filter cartridges according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you want a system that removes all the different contaminants in your water, you can’t beat activated carbon.

Cation exchange

This system is also known as an ion exchange filter or water softener and uses positively charged ions such as calcium and barium in the filtration process. However, it is important to note that prolonged exposure to barium can lead to some health problems as it can start to affect your internal organs. Calcium and magnesium can also damage your home’s pipes and make the water taste strange or bad.

Reverse osmosis

According to some experts, the reverse osmosis water filter system is currently the most effective option. With this system, the water is thoroughly cleaned. With this system, practically all impurities are effectively filtered out. The water filtration process consists of either five, six or seven different stages. Brands that process the water in several stages can produce alkaline water. The performance of these filters is between 50 and 90 gallons per day.


At this point, it should be more than clear that installing a water filter system in your home will give you a number of valuable benefits. Remember why this is such a smart investment.