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9 upgrades that add value to your home

A few dollars, properly spent, can add ten times the value of your home. Not only will they give your home a dashing makeover, but some of them could save you money in the future as well.

If you’re the home improvement one, you may already be saving yourself a ton of money. But even if you don’t, upgrades like this will save your wallet.

With the right planning, you can completely and significantly transform the mood of a room under a few hundred dollars.

Here is a list of 9 upgrades you should be making before you hit the half century milestone in your age.

  1. Freshen up your walls with paint

Give bards, worn walls a new paint job. It not only gives your rooms and halls a new, refreshing look, but also gives them a second protective layer. If you paint your walls, your reality will be rearranged. You will feel brand new energy; a fresh new aura when you walk into your house after painting.

You can hire painters to do the job for you, or you can just take a can and have it. Remember, however, that painting is a bit more than just splattering a few sloppy blobs of paint on the wall and smudging everything with a brush.

If you want to do some DIY and have never done it before, there are a few tutorials you should check out before you try it out. They will teach you the AZ of painting.

  1. Install a dishwasher

If you have not yet installed a dishwasher, you may waste 40% more water if you wash the dishes by hand. It’s time you got one. And it could be the biggest cost-saving project of all.

A dishwasher is not only easy on your wallet, it also saves you the water bill for a long time!

The best part is that you can get one and Install it yourselfThis means there are no electrician or plumbing costs.

  1. Give your kitchen cabinets a new touch

Your kitchen will look cave-like if you don’t cover this dreary color with something bright and easy on the eyes. A good paint job will make your wife’s kitchen hours a lot more enjoyable, and she’ll be grateful for that.

You don’t necessarily have to replace the entire color with a lighter, newer one. If your old layer of paint is still intact, you can simply clean it. All you need is a heavy duty cleaner, sandpaper, a little elbow grease and off you go!

  1. Install a water filter

Save yourself the cost of buying that expensive water bottle every day by simply installing one Water filter and let the clean water flow out of your faucet.

An under the sink water filtration system doesn’t cost much to buy and install, and it will save you a lot later, too!

  1. Upgrade your garage by installing a lightning bolt

The dark and gloomy surroundings of your garage will never make you go in there. Lighten the mood of your garage by installing some Garage LED lighting in there. They give your garage a transformed look without disturbing your wallet.

  1. Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are becoming more popular every day as people discover their year-round energy savings.

In summer, they generate and circulate a fresh breeze, which means that the existing air conditioning systems are less stressed. In winter they also manage to circulate the warm air to keep the room warm.

  1. Seal fresh bathroom

Aging sealant is not only ugly to look at, it also has many negative effects on the structure of your home. It paves the way for the mildew and allows the water to seep through the frame and wall panel and dampen them.

Caulk is cheap, luckily, so you can literally avoid all of these problems for no money. All it takes is an hour, a few common materials and tools, and you’re good to go!

  1. Add indoor shutters

Prevent the annoying distraction of sunlight falling through your windows and add structural details to your home. You could have installed blinds, but the swaying shudders will look more appealing.

  1. An environmentally friendly insulation layer

Nothing rubs your gears more than waking up sullen in the morning and stepping on the cold, icy ground to ruin your whole day.

Prevent that through Appreciation of your floor to a cork floor. It’s easier to install than hardwood floors and makes your home a cozy oasis.