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What can you expect in the field of interior design on the way to 2020?

Similar to fashion, design trends are often cyclical, outdated styles are reinterpreted, and 2020 is a banner year for updated iterations. But during Trends in 2020 interior design If you nod old styles, you’ll also see some new ideas that emerge from the fold. Let’s take a look at what can be expected for the interior in the coming year.

Sustainable design

Today’s consumers are environmentally conscious, which means that their taste for interior design mimics their attitude to the environment. The biophile design is hot, and more homeowners are integrating natural elements and features into the interior. Believe it or not, interior gardens and wall units are all the rage, as are skylights and other features that connect the interior of a house with nature. If you’re not ready to go all-in, you should add lots of potted plants to your decor to keep the green without having to create your own garden space.

Retro is in

The design draws on trends from the 1970s and 1980s, but of course with an updated appearance. If you ask Gen Xers which interior designs should stay away from their youth, you will likely learn about the shades of brown, gold, and green of the 70s and 80s. Guess what’s fashionable again? You guessed it – natural colors. However, the colors are updated – mustard is now goldenrod and avocado green is now dusty green, but the idea is the same. Natural fibers are also back.

Go to the attic and dust off the old macrame planters and wall hangings, because fiber art is back in vogue. Do you remember when every basement had wood paneling? The fairing is back, albeit with a modern twist. And who can forget wicker and tubular furniture? Both textiles are back and are used in new ways to achieve a more modern effect. We dig it.

Country chic

Do you remember the days when everyone tried to decorate their homes with Laura Ashley designs and when shabby chic was all the rage? One of the hot ones 2020 trends is the resurgence of country chic decor that creates classy, ​​bright and cozy interiors where you have to live. With the increase in sustainable living, it makes sense that the country chic is cool again, since many pieces of furniture are saved from thrift and salvage and saved and a new life is given.


While broad by definition, anything that differs from what everyone else is doing will be popular in 2020. Regardless of whether you find a “so ugly, pretty” piece of furniture or furniture with unique design elements at a flea market, you will be prepared for the year of interior design trends. After seeing the same styles and elements for years, people are ready to explore different aesthetics. The world is your oyster here!

What NOT to do

It would be inappropriate to talk about what’s inside without talking about it Avoid trends in interior design You may not be surprised to learn that wallpapers are on the avoidance list, especially if you’ve ever had the privilege of removing them. Wallpaper is definitely out. The 1990s want their brass mountings back, and industrial design has seen enough Edison bulbs. Think again before choosing tiles for your countertop, and consider whether to install your microwave in a location other than above your stove. And just because they make cherry red stoves doesn’t mean you have to buy one and overwhelm your bathroom with bold colors and designs.

At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable in your home, but if you want to sell in the near future, you should stick to this year’s design trends. Above all, have fun creating it!